Exhausting Weekend

June 1, 2009

This weekend we got a lot accomplished. We planted flowers infront of our house we have now, stained the chairs (fiasco!!), went to the pool for Bella, and finally stressed myself out enough that I was totally sick Sunday evening.
Saturday night we met up with Ritter, Xavi (her boyfriend), Amy (her cousin), and David (Amy's boyfriend) at Frank & Angie's. The food was great and we had so much fun catching up with everyone. Afterwards, we decided to go with them to see the bats. (If you know anything about Austin, you know what I'm talking about.) Well, we finally found parking just in time for the tow truck to come driving by, so we jumped back into our car as he came over and drove back up north. Eric & I were laughing because we felt like teenagers all over again! It was a blast!
Afterwards, we met Sandra & Mark for drinks at 3rd Base. We decided to sit on the patio since it was such a nice night and then saw the lightnening and got out of there as well.
Sunday we painted the chairs, then went to the pool after Bella's nap and let her swim and play for an hour. It was a fun, but exhausting weekend!! Now we are looking forward to this weekend, please let it be sunny and warm!!


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