Finally Getting to Unpack

June 25, 2009

Last night was great. It was low-key and we got to stay home ALL NIGHT! Haven't done that since we moved in. For starters I got to cook my first dinner in the new house, and LOVED it! Bella is right near me now snacking and watching cartoons, so I get to cook a lot more and faster than I used to. I made baked chicken with rice & gandules. (A type of bean for those who are not Spanish friendly, lol pretty much people like me) Afterwards we got Bella into a bath, and then started unpacking the master bedroom. I finally have all my clothes unpacked and hung up or folded in the correct drawers. I cannot handle living out of suitcases or boxes, so after we finished last night, I felt like I could breathe just a little better.
Bella was wonderful of course! We have large mirrors in our master bath, so the whole time we unpacked she sang and danced infront of the mirror at herself! Too Cute! Eric and I just watched her in awe how big she is getting and how fiercely independent she is now. I just love her to pieces!!
Tonight we are working on the study and formal dining room. We ordered a huge dining room table last weekend and need to have that area clean and unpacked before they deliver it. Can't wait until it's all unpacked and we're completely done!
Happy Thursday!!


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