Got to See the New Casa!

June 3, 2009

Our realtor called last night and said she was in the area and if we wanted, she could let us in to see the house. We jumped at the chance! I put Bella in her pj's and we headed over after dinner. She was really sweet to take time out and let us in, and we took full advantage!
We looked at all the rooms, let Bella run around the backyard, and just tried to decide how to set up the furniture in the house. We're so excited and cannot wait to get in and settled into the new house!
On a side note: This weekend cannot get her quick enough!! We are so excited to go tubing Saturday. The forecast is sunny with a high of 101! Perfect for tubing the Comal River. Zach & Audrey are coming up and we can't wait, they're such good friends of ours and we don't get to see them as often as we'd like. Saturday night is Eric's 28th birthday party. We're having a bbq in the backyard to celebrate. We decided we wanted something low key, and it sounds perfect!
Hurry up Friday!!!


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