Great Fun Filled Weekend!

June 8, 2009

Let's just mainly talk about Saturday! That was a fun day! We took Bella to Grandma's and headed to Gruene, TX. Zach, Audrey, Eric & I went to the Gristmill for a delicious lunch. Afterwards we went tubing on the Comal. I am going to skip over the part where I nearly drowned and my strong hubby had to save me, and just get to the part where we had a great relaxing time with great friends! There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and a lovely 95 degrees! LOVED IT!
We got home about an hour later than we thought we would, so the whole idea of taking a nap went straight out the window. We all got clean & ready to go, and then started cooking & decorating for Eric's party. We had so much fun that night with friends we haven't seen in forever. Great time was had by all!
Sunday I realized just how burned I got on my arms, and how badly I hurt my (already bad) ankle. After having breakfast with Zach & Audrey, we went and got Bella, who was sick. She ran a fever all day and all last night. We think it's due to her ear infection, and she is on antibiotics for it, so hopefully she will have a better day today.
Tonight is Eric's family birthday dinner. I hope Bella's okay going to dinner and all. Will keep you updated! Happy Monday!


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