Great Weekend Ahead!

June 4, 2009

As it gets closer and closer, Eric & I get more and more excited for this coming weekend. Zach & Audrey are coming up tomorrow night, there's an awesome weather forecast for the weekend, and we're celebrating my hubby's birthday! Can't get better than this!
So now I am wishing it was Saturday afternoon and we are floating the Comal just relaxing with friends and a cold beer, instead of sitting at a desk typing on a computer... Countdown is On!
On a seperate note, we're deep into packing boxes for the big move! We still have 2 weeks until we are actually moving into our new house, but I am OCD about having everything packed and ready to go before hand. The kitchen is pretty much done with the exception of plates and pots & pans we will cook with until then. Also the study is done and Bella's room is 1/2 way done. Too much stuff! I am all about giving things to Goodwill that we haven't used in ages, but Eric's a total pack rat. So we're not really seeing eye to eye about packing. Does make for an exhausting night EVERY night!


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