Happy 28th Birthday Eric!

June 17, 2009

Today is my wonderful husband, Eric's 28th Birthday!!

As anyone who knows us, knows that Eric & I have been together since the beginning of man, aka almost 10 years. We've been through ups & downs, tons of weddings (best being our own!), disasters, deaths, births (again best being our daughter Bella), and many more wonderful times. Eric is my best friend, the person that I know I can confide anything & everything to, and always do. He is my rock, the one I lean on in the hard times, and the one I want to celebrate with in the good times. I am happy to celebrate him turning another year older, and hope to celebrate 75 more with him! I love you Honey!!

Typical Eric pose... HOOK 'EM HORNS!

In Costa Maya, Mexico May 2009

Happy Birthday Eric!!

Love you!


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