Happy Father's Day!

June 19, 2009

I won't get to post again until Tuesday, so I wanted to wish Eric, my Daddy, & Eric's Dad all a happy Father's Day! We hope this will be a great day for you!
This weekend we are MOVING!!! I can't tell you how much I am ready to be moved in and done. It's exhausting painting, packing, moving, etc. I am ready to be done!
So last night for Eric's birthday, I took him to Tomo Sushi. We LOVE this place and haven't been in months. Lately, with trying to save $$ for the house, sushi has taken a back seat when we are eating out. So last night we went, had so much fun, & ate delicious sushi!!
Afterwards we went to Home Depot (crazy people partying like that on a Thursday night!) and got some 2" blinds for the master & Bella's bedrooms. Try getting 72" blinds into a small car, not pretty... but we managed to get them to the new house in one piece and the car is fine. All in all a great night, and Eric said he had a great birthday!
Have a great weekend, and when you're relaxing by the pool tomorrow, think of me moving boxes all day...
Very Important!!
Please help me in praying for Jack, my Dad's best friend. He is going in for surgery on Tuesday and needs as many prayers as possible! Thanks!!


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