Oh The Joys of Moving...

June 10, 2009

Right now we are well underway with packing up our house. Our study has become the place to put the boxes for now, and just close the door so no one can see! Everynight, I dream about laying on a couch watching HGTV after Bella goes to bed, and everynight my reality is cleaning the area under the bathroom sink, and boxing anything that's been used in the past year.
Oh the joys of moving...
The majority of dilemmas comes from me not knowing if I might need to use something within the next week before we move into the new house. My kitchen is completely done with the exception of the plates, pots & pans, cups, and cleaning agents. Bathroom has a roll or two of tp, and an extra bar of soap just incase!
Oh the joys of moving...
I am not wanting to touch any of our closets yet, because there are way too many outfits we MIGHT wear in the next 7 days, that we haven't worn in years... Lord help me!


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