June 15, 2009

On Friday we closed on our new house! We are so excited to know we are homeowners again and Bella was extremely excited to go the the new "big house"! It was a great day in our books!
The rest of the weekend was not so hot. (Other than being about 100 degrees outside.) We painted for 9 hours straight both days. We got Bella's room painted, the master done, and the formal dining and living almost done. My hands hurt so badly all weekend! I have never had such a hard time picking up a pen before as I did this morning. Along with paint all over me yesterday, and totally exhausted by last night, it was a rough weekend! I am super excited that we're pretty much done painting and this weekend is just moving, and we're completely done!!!!
Also, Miss Audrey, I love you more than words can say! You're gift card to Starbucks came in handy at 7 a.m. Saturday morning for Eric & I! You are way too sweet and I can't thank you enough! Love ya!


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