Weekend Review

June 29, 2009

Saturday was a fun day. We had to run a ton of errands, so in the middle of it we decided to stop at Mama Fu's for lunch, which was yummy except for the fact, Bella dropped her drink on the floor, and we had to move to another table because it was so sticky! She was really good all day and loves to shop (girl after my own heart!) When we got home, we all laid down for a quick nap. Eric's parents came over around 5 to pick her up for the night and she was so excited to see them! Afterwards, Eric & I went to Alamo Draft House to see "The Hangover". I thought it was going to be a total guys movie, but I have not laughed so hard in a while! We both really liked it and we were laughing all night afterwards. After we left we went to Brian's birthday party, and only stayed for about an hour because Eric was having a allergy attack and couldn't stop sneezing! So we left and met up with Travis at Little Woodrows for a drink. All in all a fun night!
Sunday Bella came home and we cleaned and played all day. Typical Sunday for us!
Now I am ready for a 4-day week!! July 4th here I come!


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