When Will the Packing End?!

June 16, 2009

Easy answer... Friday. The day before we move. Sucks...
Last night Eric packed up the guest room and took the bed down, while I did a ton of laundry trying to get as much clothes, sheets, & towels cleaned before we move. What a fun night it turned out to be! My loving hubby found our wedding dvd, so we popped it in and let Bella see her parents on one of the happiest days of their lives. She kept pointing out all the people she recognized in the video and kept asking where's Bella? Too cute! We also found a ton of pictures from when we were dating, that was too funny for words! It really was a fun walk down memory lane.
Melissa & Michael stopped by to drop off some boxes for us, & I gave her a pregnancy book, and a little bit of my maternity clothes. She finds out next Wednesday what they are having, and I can hardly wait!! I am hoping for a boy so we can live vicariously through them! They seem to both think they are having a girl, which would be great too, because I have tons of barely worn clothes to give her. Either way, I am going to spoil that baby like they are my own! Already love them!!
Today we are packing the master bedroom which mainly consists of clothes and shoes. Eric is determined to move some of the boxes over to the new casa as well. Will keep you updated on this riveting story as it progresses... :p
Also, make sure to check out my other blog on shopping, movies, etc. I don't update it daily, but try to as often as possible.


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