Here It Is!

July 31, 2009

Finally Friday has arrived!! And with it come packing, and going home to DFW area! We are packed and ready to go after work tonight. Let's pray no car accidents on the way this time!
Last night was another low key somewhat relaxing night. I made pizza (I know I love making the healthy stuff!) and Bella was very cranky and refused to eat, so we sat there eating without her and making her watch Man Vs. Food. She finally gave in and ate a few bites of pizza. After dinner & bath, she was ready for bed! We then started packing, & I mopped the kitchen till it shined! That was the highlight of the night! Sad I know!!
Anyway have a great weekend!!


Where's Friday?!

July 30, 2009

This entire week I have been a day ahead. I literally woke up this morning and thought it was Friday. Makes for a slow week... but gives me an extra evening to pack suitcases for tomorrow night.
Last night was nice and relaxing. Very low key, which is always nice with a 2 year old. The only bump in the road was trying to get Bella out of the bath and her hair brushed. She LOVES being in the bath, but after 10 minutes of playing with her bath toys it was time to get out. Once we were clothed, brushed, and clean, she came back downstairs and watched "So You Think You Can Dance" with her Momma for a bit until she was ready for bed. Overall a nice relaxing quiet night! Gotta love those!!
Tonight, I am packing 3 suitcases and getting everything ready to head back home again after work tomorrow. I am so excited for Austyn to be turning 10 and getting to celebrate it with him. Bella is so excited also, she just keeps saying... "Play with Austyn this weekend?" So it will be a great time! Lots of pictures to be taken! Happy Thursday!


Yummy Salt Lick BBQ & Prayers

July 29, 2009

Last night for Chris' birthday, we went to the Salt Lick in Driftwood. It's starting to become tradition among Eric's closest friends to go there on their birthdays. Apparently, they all fall between May through July. So we've been going there once a month lately. Which is fine with me! They have some of the best bbq! Especially their turkey sandwiches! Best bread ever too! So we ate our way through 2 hours, and just had lots of fun!
Tonight and the rest of the week is low key for us. Packing our suitcases and getting ready to head back home for the weekend. Bella is really excited to go and see everyone again, and play with Austyn at his birthday party. She can't wait!!
Last thing, please help me in praying for my sister today. She was in a very serious car accident yesterday. She is okay, but in pain. Luckily the CAT Scan & X-Rays all came back normal, thank God! Her new car she just bought is wrecked, but it did it's job and kept her safe! So please help me in praying for her today! I really appreciate it!!


Such A Great Weekend!

July 27, 2009

This weekend was hectic & fun at the same time. Friday night Eric & I went to the dealership to talk about getting the car we both loved. By the time we got there, all the banks were closed so financing on the car couldn't be done. So we went back Saturday morning and purchased our new Volvo XC90! We both love it so much!!
Here's a picture of it after we washed it and made it all pretty! Bella got a "sword" this weekend and never put it down!

After we were done, we went to the University Co-Op downtown and bought our UT emblem for the car. It is tradition in our house to get a Longhorn emblem on every car we own! Saturday night, Mark & Sandra came over and we watched Eagle Eye, while discussing topics such as babies (Sandra & me talked about that) & putting surround sound in our living room (that would be Eric & Mark talking!) We had a lot of fun and need to do that more often!

Sunday Bella officially turned 2 1/2! She is just so big now! She kept running around saying "It's my birthday!" We tried explaining, but no luck! After her nap and lunch, we took her to the small waterpark at Old Settler's park. She absolutely LOVED the waterpark! We only got to stay for about an hour because it was literally 107 degrees outside and the sun was just beaming on us the whole time.

So we came home, got bathed, and made a big dinner. Overall, such a great weekend!!

Now we are getting ready to go back home next weekend for Austyn's 10th birthday party! Bella cannot wait!

Happy Monday!!


I Think We Found Our Car!

July 24, 2009

After test driving the Mercedes & the Volvo (& loving both by the way), we decided to go with the....... Volvo! It has tons of extras on it, plus just really comfy & great driving! So let me tell you a little bit about it. It's white outside, & black leather inside. Has bluetooth, DVD players in both headrests, and a 3rd row of seats. Last night Eric & I took it out for a spin & Eric ended up falling in love with it as well. It's just feels so safe and sturdy, and makes me feel better about taking Bella around. I just thank God we found something we can afford & love all at the same time!

This weekend we are relaxing! There is a small waterpark near our house we might take her to, and of course we are going present shopping for Austyn since his party is next Saturday!! Can't wait! You should have seen him & Bella last weekend, they were inseperable! Bella just loves spending time with her big cousin, and the feeling is mutual. Next weekend will be so much fun for both of them!

Last thing... Bella turns 2 1/2 this Sunday! I cannot believe how fast time flies! Time to start planning her 3rd birthday!

We wish everyone a wonderful, fun, & safe weekend!


Car Shopping

July 23, 2009

For the last week since we got back, Eric & I have been looking online and test driving SUV's. I miss being in a bigger car and feeling so much safer having Bella in a bigger car, than in a small car. We've narrowed it down to 2 SUV's we both love, the Volvo XC90 & the Mercedes ML 350. I like them both a lot, and both seem very safe, so tonight I am going to test drive the ML 350 to see how I like that. This weekend we should be driving a new car! :) Please keep your fingers crossed for us!


"You're Gonna Miss This"

July 21, 2009

There is a song on country radio that's called "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins. Boy does that ring true! As a teenager I was always so ready to be on my own and move out of my parents' house. The day after I turned 18, I moved away for college. I now look back and miss being a teenager, in high school, no worries, just living a pretty carefree life. The past 10 years since I graduated high school have completely flown by me, and now looking back I wish I would have slowed down a little and enjoyed it more. I wish I would have spent more time with my Mom while she was here, and been thankful for everything I had.

Now that I am a mom, I often stop what I am doing to thank God for everything in my life. Family, friends, a healthy baby girl, and loving husband, a beautiful house, having a job I actually like going to, etc. I also stop and just take in where my life is right now, and how big Bella is getting. I often just sit there and kiss her precious cheeks until she squirms away and says "Mommy stop please!", or I'll just watch her dance and sing infront of the tv and cannot believe I made this girl. She truly is my world. I will surely miss this!!


Dallas Love

July 20, 2009

This past weekend was so much fun, and Bella loved spending time with the whole family! Friday night on our way, we got rear ended in Temple which pushed us back 1.5 hours to get home. We are all fine, thank God, but the back bumper of my car that got replaced last Monday due to someone else rear ending me, is now having to be replaced a second time in 1 week!! UGH, think that car is done with me!
So Saturday we went to visit Carol & Jack and got to catch up with them, while Bella played with all her toys with Skyler. She loved it! Saturday night we took my Dad to Maggiano's for his birthday. We got the family style, ate WAY too much, and had a blast! The best Italian food ever!! YUM!
Sunday we went to Tanya's church, which was awesome! She got baptized in the lake out back, and I took some pictures for her during the process. She did great and we are all so very proud of her! After celebrating with a buffet lunch, we headed back to Austin. It was such a fun weekend, and now am exhausted Monday morning!!



July 17, 2009

I think I post that blog title a lot lately!
Let's start with last night... We met Mel & Michael for dinner at Texican, where we proceeded to have some delicious Margaritas & Mexican Martinis. Yum!! We also ate great food, and just had tons of fun catching up and conversing with adults! (Doesn't happen often in our family lately!)
Afterwards we all walked over to a scrap booking store for her, and I bought their baby girl her 1st present from us! (Granted Melissa still has about 16 weeks until she is due!) I was so excited to get her something! I keep telling them they need to figure out the nursery colors and her name so I can really start buying her things!!
So tonight we're heading to my hometown, Grand Prairie, TX. We haven't been up in months, and I cannot wait to see my family and for them to see how big Bella is getting! She is such a talker now! She talks constantly about everything and repeats EVERYTHING we say, so it's such a fun time in her life, and I want her to be able to spend that time with all of her family!
I am also hoping FOR rain here and not for rain in DFW this weekend! I hate making Eric drive in the dark & having it pour for 3 hours straight, that makes it way worse, and our drive time much longer.
Until Monday... have a great weekend!!


Hook 'Em!!

July 16, 2009

I just saw the Texas Longhorns schedule, and now am officially pumped for the upcoming football season!!! September 5th is the kickoff game at home against Louisiana-Monroe. Can't wait to sport my Burnt Orange and cheer them on to a National Championship!!!



Almost Friday!

This week seems to be flying by! Which makes me so happy, because we're almost on our way home! I can't wait for Bella to see her family and play with her cousin, they will have so much fun together!
Tonight we're going to dinner with Melissa & Michael. We haven't had too much time lately to actually sit down and catch up with them, so it should be lots of fun! We're planning on Mexican food, but I am letting Mel pick the place, since I know from experience pregnant women sometimes have cravings! Can't wait to try and catch up on all she is doing!
So last night Bella went to bed around 9 or so. Eric & I had to move her since she was sleeping sideways in our bed, and once we did, she did not stop moving all night. I got kicked, punched, hit in the face, etc. all night long. Made for a very long night and a painful back this morning! But she was able to sleep well, so that's what mattered most! She was in a great mood all morning, & other than the fact she wanted to wear her Crocs that are a little too small for her, she was happy! Got to get to the outlets ASAP and get a new pair...


Home Again

July 14, 2009

On Friday we are heading to my hometown to visit my Dad, Mary, Tanya, & Austyn. Bella hasn't been "home again" in months, so it is much needed. We are going home to celebrate a few different things.
1) My Daddy's birthday! We're taking him to a delicious dinner Saturday night to also celebrate...
2) Father's Day. Yes that is how long it has been since we went home again!
3) My sister, Tanya's baptism. We're so proud of her for giving herself over to God again and showing everyone how loving of family, friends, and mainly the Lord she is! I am so proud of her!
I can't wait to get back to GP, even if it is only for a few days.
Unfortunately, we won't be getting to see any old friends while we're here, but plan on coming back sometime in September for that. Gosh how the weekends fill up so quickly!
Although I LOVE living in Austin, it's always good to be home again!


Goodness What a Weekend

Friday was absolutely crazy for me at work. Won't go into all the details but we had 2 line breaks in one day, which us unheard of! So needless to say I had no time to post a new blog.
Friday night I went to a much needed girl's night out. We had sushi and went for a drink afterwards. Pretty low key, but still nice to get away for a bit!
Saturday Eric's Dad came by to drop Bella off and help Eric put the basketball hoop up. They did a great job and it looks awesome in our driveway! Afterwards, we did a little house shopping and got some cute decorations for the living room, then went to Rudy's for dinner. Bella did great and ate well, so when we got home we played basketball for over an hour in the front of the house. It was a lot of fun, and our next door neighbor came over to introduce themselves, and we talked for a good 20 minutes, really nice people live in our neighborhood!
Sunday was pretty quiet, we just cleaned house and went to Eric's parents for dinner. When we got home, I wasn't feeling well, and neither was Bella, so we went to bed very early.
Have a great week!!


Nice Slow Week!

July 9, 2009

I can honestly say this has been the nicest, quietest (if that's even a word) week around the Munoz Household. And I LOVE it!! Bella's been really good in the mornings, and afternoons, Eric & I are trying to watch the whole 1st season of True Blood for the last week or so. Life is Good!
This weekend might change all that. Friday night Bella is staying at Grandma & Grandpa's, and I am going on my girl's night out. Sooooo ready!! Saturday I have Sara's baby shower in Lockhart & then it's family night. We're taking Bella to the pool around 7:30 or so, and just spending as much time with her as possible!
Lastly, I want to wish my Daddy a very happy birthday today!! Hope you have a wonderful day, and we'll be seeing you next weekend!!! LOVE YOU!!
So incase there is nothing of great excitement happening today, then have a wonderful weekend!!


July 8, 2009

This week has been pretty low key. Working, cooking, Bella not wanting to go to bed until we do. (Which means I am in bed by 9 p.m. every night!) You know, the usual...
Last night was fun, we watched a ton of Phinneas & Ferb cartoons, then we all sat on the couch and watched highlights of MJ's memorial service. Bella can actually see him on TV now, and say "Mommy, Michael Jackson!!" Which makes me happy for her to like the same exact music I loved growing up to! So when his Daughter, Paris, came out and spoke it just broke my heart. I think it was definitely the best part of the memorial.
So this Friday is Girl's Night Out! Woo-Hoo! We're all meeting for sushi and then going for drinks afterwards. We haven't had a girl's night in months, so it is definintely needed! Will post pictures on Monday.
Until then, happy Wednesday!!


July 4th Review

July 5, 2009

Rarely, if ever, do I post on a weekend, due to the fact that this is the only full days I have with my hubby and sweetheart daughter, but since we took tons of pictures and video, I thought I'd upload them and post them tonight! Can you tell I am a proud Momma?!

So Friday we took Bella to Pigtails & Crewcuts to finally get her hair cut. It's the only place we will let them cut her hair and to tell you how long it has been, the lady at the counter asked, "Was the last time she was here in April 2o08?!" "Yep" I said and told her how my husband isn't fond of cutting his precious daughter's hair. Well, since we've been well over 100 degrees for 10 months now, I figured it was time to give the girl a break and chop it all of. And that we did! She got 6 inches cut and her beautiful hair now sits just at her shoulders! She is so darn cute with the new 'do!!
This was July 4th, but you can see the cute hair!

So, onto July 4th. It was such a wonderfully fun day for us! We started by going back to the old neighborhood for the July 4th Celebration, and they outdid themselves. Firemen spraying from way up high trying to help cool the kiddos off, face painting, train rides, bands singing, etc. Bella just loved it. We all 3 hopped into the "Choo-Choo Soul" (That's what Bella calls every train she sees or rides on!) and went around the park. When we were done we came back to our neighborhood, where the RRFD were letting the kids go into the firetruck. Bella actually sat in the drivers seat for a good 5 mintues just playing and looking at everything!

Can you tell she's ready for her driver's liscense?!

Bella in the Driver's Seat of the Fire Truck with Daddy!

Afterwards we went home to rest up for the park that evening! When we got there, we got everything set up in a matter of minutes, and Bella got to play for hours with us and Grandma & Grandpa. Then Ed, Kathy, & Matthew came and played with her, and Aunt & Sandra & Uncle Mark got there right before the fireworks started and got to spend some time with her as well! She just loved it!! The fireworks were spectacular and Bella was in awe! She had so much fun she fell asleep in the car before we even made it out of the parking lot!! Great 4th of July!!

Mommy pulling Bella in the park

She was so happy all day!!

Daddy got to pull her also!

Here's Bella 1st Choo-Choo Soul Ride by herself!


Happy 4th of July!!

July 2, 2009

Just wanting to wish everyone a great holiday weekend! Be safe, have tons of fun, and watch some awesome fireworks!
This 4th of July we are going to Old Settler's Park with all of Eric's family to bbq, hang out and watch the fireworks go off. We did this last year and had so much fun and Bella just loved it! She'll be looking adorable in her red, white, & blue dress and pigtails! I'll be taking lots of pictures the whole day!
So from the Muñoz Family to yours...
Happy Independance Day!!


Painful Week

July 1, 2009

On Monday morning I was at work like usual when I started having immense pain on my right hand side and in my back. So I ended up leaving work, and going to my doctor who told me she thought it was kidney stones (again!!) and that I needed a sonogram & CAT Scan today. So I call to make the appointment for those and they can't get me in until Wednesday! What?! I ended up meeting Eric at home and going to the ER. After lots of tests, a CAT Scan, and more tests, they found out I have a kidney infection! Let's just say painful!
So the last 2 days I have pretty much slept and laid on a couch the whole time. I am back at work today and hopeful to make it through the entire day. Wish me luck!
Also, our dining room table we ordered gets delivered tomorrow!! I can't wait!! Will take pictures!

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