Almost Friday!

July 16, 2009

This week seems to be flying by! Which makes me so happy, because we're almost on our way home! I can't wait for Bella to see her family and play with her cousin, they will have so much fun together!
Tonight we're going to dinner with Melissa & Michael. We haven't had too much time lately to actually sit down and catch up with them, so it should be lots of fun! We're planning on Mexican food, but I am letting Mel pick the place, since I know from experience pregnant women sometimes have cravings! Can't wait to try and catch up on all she is doing!
So last night Bella went to bed around 9 or so. Eric & I had to move her since she was sleeping sideways in our bed, and once we did, she did not stop moving all night. I got kicked, punched, hit in the face, etc. all night long. Made for a very long night and a painful back this morning! But she was able to sleep well, so that's what mattered most! She was in a great mood all morning, & other than the fact she wanted to wear her Crocs that are a little too small for her, she was happy! Got to get to the outlets ASAP and get a new pair...


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