Dallas Love

July 20, 2009

This past weekend was so much fun, and Bella loved spending time with the whole family! Friday night on our way, we got rear ended in Temple which pushed us back 1.5 hours to get home. We are all fine, thank God, but the back bumper of my car that got replaced last Monday due to someone else rear ending me, is now having to be replaced a second time in 1 week!! UGH, think that car is done with me!
So Saturday we went to visit Carol & Jack and got to catch up with them, while Bella played with all her toys with Skyler. She loved it! Saturday night we took my Dad to Maggiano's for his birthday. We got the family style, ate WAY too much, and had a blast! The best Italian food ever!! YUM!
Sunday we went to Tanya's church, which was awesome! She got baptized in the lake out back, and I took some pictures for her during the process. She did great and we are all so very proud of her! After celebrating with a buffet lunch, we headed back to Austin. It was such a fun weekend, and now am exhausted Monday morning!!


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