Goodness What a Weekend

July 14, 2009

Friday was absolutely crazy for me at work. Won't go into all the details but we had 2 line breaks in one day, which us unheard of! So needless to say I had no time to post a new blog.
Friday night I went to a much needed girl's night out. We had sushi and went for a drink afterwards. Pretty low key, but still nice to get away for a bit!
Saturday Eric's Dad came by to drop Bella off and help Eric put the basketball hoop up. They did a great job and it looks awesome in our driveway! Afterwards, we did a little house shopping and got some cute decorations for the living room, then went to Rudy's for dinner. Bella did great and ate well, so when we got home we played basketball for over an hour in the front of the house. It was a lot of fun, and our next door neighbor came over to introduce themselves, and we talked for a good 20 minutes, really nice people live in our neighborhood!
Sunday was pretty quiet, we just cleaned house and went to Eric's parents for dinner. When we got home, I wasn't feeling well, and neither was Bella, so we went to bed very early.
Have a great week!!


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