Home Again

July 14, 2009

On Friday we are heading to my hometown to visit my Dad, Mary, Tanya, & Austyn. Bella hasn't been "home again" in months, so it is much needed. We are going home to celebrate a few different things.
1) My Daddy's birthday! We're taking him to a delicious dinner Saturday night to also celebrate...
2) Father's Day. Yes that is how long it has been since we went home again!
3) My sister, Tanya's baptism. We're so proud of her for giving herself over to God again and showing everyone how loving of family, friends, and mainly the Lord she is! I am so proud of her!
I can't wait to get back to GP, even if it is only for a few days.
Unfortunately, we won't be getting to see any old friends while we're here, but plan on coming back sometime in September for that. Gosh how the weekends fill up so quickly!
Although I LOVE living in Austin, it's always good to be home again!


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