I Think We Found Our Car!

July 24, 2009

After test driving the Mercedes & the Volvo (& loving both by the way), we decided to go with the....... Volvo! It has tons of extras on it, plus just really comfy & great driving! So let me tell you a little bit about it. It's white outside, & black leather inside. Has bluetooth, DVD players in both headrests, and a 3rd row of seats. Last night Eric & I took it out for a spin & Eric ended up falling in love with it as well. It's just feels so safe and sturdy, and makes me feel better about taking Bella around. I just thank God we found something we can afford & love all at the same time!

This weekend we are relaxing! There is a small waterpark near our house we might take her to, and of course we are going present shopping for Austyn since his party is next Saturday!! Can't wait! You should have seen him & Bella last weekend, they were inseperable! Bella just loves spending time with her big cousin, and the feeling is mutual. Next weekend will be so much fun for both of them!

Last thing... Bella turns 2 1/2 this Sunday! I cannot believe how fast time flies! Time to start planning her 3rd birthday!

We wish everyone a wonderful, fun, & safe weekend!


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