Nice Slow Week!

July 9, 2009

I can honestly say this has been the nicest, quietest (if that's even a word) week around the Munoz Household. And I LOVE it!! Bella's been really good in the mornings, and afternoons, Eric & I are trying to watch the whole 1st season of True Blood for the last week or so. Life is Good!
This weekend might change all that. Friday night Bella is staying at Grandma & Grandpa's, and I am going on my girl's night out. Sooooo ready!! Saturday I have Sara's baby shower in Lockhart & then it's family night. We're taking Bella to the pool around 7:30 or so, and just spending as much time with her as possible!
Lastly, I want to wish my Daddy a very happy birthday today!! Hope you have a wonderful day, and we'll be seeing you next weekend!!! LOVE YOU!!
So incase there is nothing of great excitement happening today, then have a wonderful weekend!!


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