Painful Week

July 1, 2009

On Monday morning I was at work like usual when I started having immense pain on my right hand side and in my back. So I ended up leaving work, and going to my doctor who told me she thought it was kidney stones (again!!) and that I needed a sonogram & CAT Scan today. So I call to make the appointment for those and they can't get me in until Wednesday! What?! I ended up meeting Eric at home and going to the ER. After lots of tests, a CAT Scan, and more tests, they found out I have a kidney infection! Let's just say painful!
So the last 2 days I have pretty much slept and laid on a couch the whole time. I am back at work today and hopeful to make it through the entire day. Wish me luck!
Also, our dining room table we ordered gets delivered tomorrow!! I can't wait!! Will take pictures!


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