Such A Great Weekend!

July 27, 2009

This weekend was hectic & fun at the same time. Friday night Eric & I went to the dealership to talk about getting the car we both loved. By the time we got there, all the banks were closed so financing on the car couldn't be done. So we went back Saturday morning and purchased our new Volvo XC90! We both love it so much!!
Here's a picture of it after we washed it and made it all pretty! Bella got a "sword" this weekend and never put it down!

After we were done, we went to the University Co-Op downtown and bought our UT emblem for the car. It is tradition in our house to get a Longhorn emblem on every car we own! Saturday night, Mark & Sandra came over and we watched Eagle Eye, while discussing topics such as babies (Sandra & me talked about that) & putting surround sound in our living room (that would be Eric & Mark talking!) We had a lot of fun and need to do that more often!

Sunday Bella officially turned 2 1/2! She is just so big now! She kept running around saying "It's my birthday!" We tried explaining, but no luck! After her nap and lunch, we took her to the small waterpark at Old Settler's park. She absolutely LOVED the waterpark! We only got to stay for about an hour because it was literally 107 degrees outside and the sun was just beaming on us the whole time.

So we came home, got bathed, and made a big dinner. Overall, such a great weekend!!

Now we are getting ready to go back home next weekend for Austyn's 10th birthday party! Bella cannot wait!

Happy Monday!!


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