Where's Friday?!

July 30, 2009

This entire week I have been a day ahead. I literally woke up this morning and thought it was Friday. Makes for a slow week... but gives me an extra evening to pack suitcases for tomorrow night.
Last night was nice and relaxing. Very low key, which is always nice with a 2 year old. The only bump in the road was trying to get Bella out of the bath and her hair brushed. She LOVES being in the bath, but after 10 minutes of playing with her bath toys it was time to get out. Once we were clothed, brushed, and clean, she came back downstairs and watched "So You Think You Can Dance" with her Momma for a bit until she was ready for bed. Overall a nice relaxing quiet night! Gotta love those!!
Tonight, I am packing 3 suitcases and getting everything ready to head back home again after work tomorrow. I am so excited for Austyn to be turning 10 and getting to celebrate it with him. Bella is so excited also, she just keeps saying... "Play with Austyn this weekend?" So it will be a great time! Lots of pictures to be taken! Happy Thursday!


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