Long Weekend

August 31, 2009

Even though this weekend was just 2 days, I feel like it was a long weekend. I didn’t stop running errands all day Saturday! We went to get Eric new clothes since he got promoted!! That’s my hubby! So now he’ll look even more handsome! Afterwards we took Bella to Cici’s where instead of eating pizza, she only ate my salad. I did not have any problem with that! Stay with the healthy foods sweetheart! Saturday afternoon I met up with some ladies to discuss Melissa’s baby shower. It went really well, and I am excited to start planning and buying everything with all of them! While I was gone, Eric took Bella to the community pool and said she loved it! Saturday night we went to Rudy’s for dinner, where Bella did great! After we got home she was so sleepy, she fell asleep by 7:30! So I was able to run and see Sara’s new baby Kate she had on Friday. She is just too adorable! And holding a newborn again was such a great thing. Can’t wait to hold Mel’s and spoil her!

Sunday we went decided to try a new church. We haven’t really gone since Bella was born, because babies and Catholic church services don’t mix too well. We decided to try a more open church where she can listen to the music and actually enjoy herself. We went to Shoreline, and it just so happened to be the first time back for the pastor and his wife in 2 months. They lost their 17 year old son in a car accident in July. I have to tell you, they were so open about their pain, and I just sat there crying my eyes out for strangers. Loosing a child has to be the worst feeling ever, and I was so grateful that God sent us to this church on this day!
Afterwards, we cleaned house and I cooked a big dinner for Eric’s whole family. It went wonderful! The food was delicious and we had fun just catching up and Bella got to play ball with her Grandpa and Uncle. It was a wonderful weekend overall!

Now we’re getting geared up for my sister and Austyn to visit next weekend! We’re so excited for them to come to our new house and know it will be so much fun!!

Happy Monday!


Wednesday Night Fun

August 27, 2009

Last night was so much fun at my house. Eric brought dinner home for us, and by chance the lady at Taco C messed the order up and doubled his order. We had 4 quesadillas coming home and LOVED it! That’s right, it’s high living for us!

After our huge dinner, we started our entertainment for the evening. We watched Wipeout & Crash Course. They were both so funny, even Bella was laughing the whole time! All 3 of us sat in the living room laughing at these people who signed up to get the bottoms wooped for a chance at $50,000. It was just hilarious!
We also witnessed something that hasn’t happened in Austin in the last 4 months… a rain storm! That’s right folks, we had high winds and all! It was beautiful! Bella stood at the back door and stared for at least 5 minutes like she hadn’t seen rain ever in her life.

Afterwards we got her to bed, and just relaxed for the rest of the night. It was overall a wonderful family evening!

BTW – Horns kickoff game is 2 weeks from Saturday! You can feel the excitement all over Austin! We’re so excited and ready to see our Horns get back a National Championship this year!!!



New Obsession

August 26, 2009

While I was at home all weekend, I had tons of time in between sleeping to watch TV. I ended up getting addicted to a show on Bravo (LOVE this station by the way!) called the Rachel Zoe Project. I can't stop watching it! The new season premiered on Monday and I recorded it and watched last night. I just love seeing what she picks out for the celebrities to wear. She always has the most beautiful dresses as well. Such a good show!
Last night went well. I have 2 firsts for Bella...
1) She wore undies all day at daycare and did not have an accident once!! We're almost potty trained!! Woo-Hoo!
2) She took her 1st shower last night! She always has baths, but after she heard Mommy was taking a shower she wanted to as well. She did great! Eric & I put the water very low, and she actually held the sprayer over her head and didn't cry. She loved it! Getting to be such a big girl!
It's so crazy how fast she is growing up. To talk to her on the phone she sounds so much older. She loves to talk on our cell phones! She is starting to sleep back in her own bed again, and doesn't seem to have a problem with it at all! My baby isn't really a baby anymore!! :*)


Somewhat Over the Hump

August 25, 2009

Yesterday I stayed home from work, and just tried to rest and take it easy one last day. It seemed to do the trick. I am not 100% yet, still have tons of pain and swelling, but overall feel much better than I did 24 hours ago. I even got to eat a real meal last night that I cooked. I picked Bella up early from daycare, because I just couldn't bear not seeing her any longer. She was so excited to see me, and was a really good girl when we got home. We played and watched her cartoons for hours until Daddy got home and took over. Thank God he did, because I over did it a little and was exhausted by 7:30 p.m.
This morning I am feeling good, and back to work. Hopefully I can work for 8 hours and not feel like I got hit by a bus again! Pray for me! ;)


Worst Weekend Ever

August 23, 2009

And I mean that honestly. I have never had a worse weekend for years... Let's start with the surgery. I remember walking into the room, the surgeon coming in, them putting the 1st of 2 IV's I got this weekend into my arm, and some oxygen into my nose. Next thing I know it's Saturday, and the pain is so bad, I am barely able to eat anything at all. Let me preface this horrible day by saying the doctor told me I needed to take the pain killers because the pain would be just as bad as he said it would. Now with barely any food in my system for well over 24 hours, my body started fighting the pain killers. Yep that's right for 11 straight hours I was sick to my stomach until about 1 a.m. when we finally decided to head to the ER to help save my life. (That might seem like an exaggeration, but seriously thought I was dying) After having IV #2 put into my other arm, along with some serious anti-nauseous medicine, I was out of the ER at 5 a.m. this morning.

I am finally feeling a little back to normal except for the not being able to eat anything, and feeling extremely weak. That's where I am now. I had to get off the couch and do something, so I figured a post about this past terrible weekend would do the trick. Now it's back to watching tv, and sleeping as much as possible. I am praying I feel good enough to see Bella tomorrow evening!!


Not Looking Forward to Tomorrow

August 20, 2009

Tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. I will be getting my wisdom teeth removed. OUCH! I am already nervous and I still have 1 day left! I know I will be fine, just sucks that I am going to be a hermit crab and stay in my casa all weekend.
I am hoping to be okay by Monday and back to work, but we shall see. If you don't see a post Monday morning, you'll know why!
Last night we met Melissa & Michael for dinner at Z Tejas. It was delicious! I got the seafood enchiladas and loved it! Eric ate too much and was not a happy camper when we got home, but we had so much fun! Thank you M & M for a wonderful evening! Love you both!


Getting Ready for The Horns!

August 19, 2009

This morning I went online to the Co-op and ordered my UT shirt for the year. I always get a new t-shirt to sport every Saturday during football season! This one is a cutie and I can't wait to get it at the house! Hook 'Em!!
Tonight is going to be so much fun! Eric's mom is coming over to our house to watch Bella for a few hours so we can meet Melissa & Michael for dinner. They wanted to take me out for my birthday, so we are going to Z-Tejas. It's a great place to eat and catch up. Thank goodness for my MIL because Bella is in the stage where she can't sit down for long, and restaurants aren't really working for her. On Monday night, Eric's family took me to Antonio's for my birthday and she actually wasn't too bad. She did get down to look out the window at the patio area, but overall she ate well, and didn't scream or cry! We were very excited and proud of her, and hope this is the start of a new, "good in public restaurants" phase!


Update on Bella

August 18, 2009

I feel I don't talk about my daughter enough anymore, so just incase here is a quick update on Miss Bella!
This morning Bella had her 6 month check up at the dentist. She did great! No cavities! After a little bit of crying, she was done and got a sucker and a toy, so she was happy again! haha

She is also 29.5 lbs & grew almost 1/2 an inch in a month! She's getting so big and talks constantly! She can say all of her abc's and count to 12 on her own! Last weekend we took her to the Ice Cream Festival at Waterloo Park and she just loved it! She loves to color or draw, so we're thinking she might have the artsy gene in her. Definitely doesn't get that from me! :)
Overall, she is just a loveable, happy, smart, beautiful toddler, and Eric & I are so happy and blessed!


I LOVE My Birthday!

August 17, 2009

So let's start with Thursday night. My co-workers and I went to happy hour at Waterloo Ice House. It was so much fun, and I got to know them a little better and vice-versa!
On Friday I took the day off of work and met Eric for lunch. We of course went to Maudie's where I enjoyed a nice margarita while all of the working people had to drink water & ice tea! haha!
Saturday was my official "party night" for my birthday. Starting in the morning, we took Bella to Waterloo Park downtown for the 3rd annual Ice Cream Festival! We had so much fun eating ice cream, listening to live music, and coloring at the Ikea stand. She just loved it! That night, we went to Beluga for sushi. It was yummy and everyone seemed to enjoy it! Afterwards, we tried a bar in downtown Round Rock, as was not having any of it, so we split and went to 3rd Base. Apparently, there was a girl on girl UFC fight and the place was packed. We found some tables out on the patio and enjoyed cheering for the girl who ended up getting her face beat in and loosing with 1 second left! Great times!!
Overall, a wonderful & fun time with friends!



August 12, 2009

That's Me!

As of tomorrow, I am now officially 28 years old. And with it comes tons of memories, good & bad. Mostly good though! ;) When I look back on the past 28 years of my life, I am happy & blessed that I had the best parents, family, friends, husband, and daughter that God could have granted me. I am blessed with everything we have, and blessed with everything that has happened to me.

So as I enter this new year, I want to thank everyone who has in any way touched my life. No matter if we are friends, foes, acquaintances, or strangers, you have helped make me who I am and for that I am thankful!

This weekend is going to be a blast!! We're going for sushi with friends, and then heading to a bar in downtown Round Rock named Quinns. No one I know has been, so it should be interesting! There's always back up bars in case it's no bueno! Hope everyone has a great weekend, and just know pictures are a comin'! ;P

Birthday Girl is out!


Are You Kidding Me?!

August 10, 2009

When I posted this morning I felt great! No worries about getting sick right before my birthday, that was until 8 a.m. hit, and with it, a sore throat! That's right people my hubby gave me strep throat!! 4 days before I am officially 28!! Are you kidding me here?!?!?

So I went to the doctor this afternoon and he indeed said it was strep and gave me antibiotics. The awesome doctor realized my birthday is this week so he gave me a Z-Pack so I will be in tip top shape before my party. And drinking is okay with this medicine. SCORE!!

That's my whining, now onto some pictures....

Bella & Daddy at the RR Express Basebal Game

Daddy & his girls on his birthday!

Aunt Tanya & Bella @ Maggiano's

The birthday boy!

Daddy & Bella @ Austyn's birthday party


Birthday Week!

Friday will mark the official day I turn 28! Ouch, that sounds old!! Haha, but I am excited honestly! Going to have sushi & wine with some of my closest friends this Saturday night! Will be taking lots of pictures!!
So this past weekend was tons of fun! Saturday I met up with Sandra, Sonia, & Cheryl for lunch and got to catch up on everything going on in their lives right now. We talked for hours and just had the best time! Saturday night, Eric, me, Bella, & Grandpa went to a Round Rock Express game. Let me tell you, it was so much fun! I got to drink a beer, eat a turkey leg, and watch grown men running around trying to catch a ball! Too fun!! Bella was kinda fussy for the first few innings, so we all took turns taking her for walks. After the sun went down, she calmed down and got into the game more. And by into the game, I mean dancing to the music, clapping when everyone else claps, and sporting her Horns on the big screen! That's right all 4 of us got on the big screen due to my absolutely precious daughter winning the hearts of many! Also, they were throwing out Rudy's soft baseballs into the stands, and Grandpa caught one!! We were cheering for him, and Bella got to keep it! She was so excited!
Sunday, Eric had to work for a few hours, so Bella & I did a little window shopping, and relaxed at home. There was a Phinneaus & Ferb marathon all day, so we watched that for a good 8 hours straight! Haha, Bella just loved it! After she went to bed, Eric & I watched our new favorite shows... (all on HBO I might add) True Blood & Entoruage.
Great weekend, and now looking forward to a happy hour with my co-workers Thursday, and having my actual birthday off work to relax and get a pedi! What a great week ahead!!


They Grow Up So Fast

August 7, 2009

It's official... Bella has her 1st boyfriend!! Let me tell you all about him... His name is Blake and he is adorable! He's got blonde hair and blue eyes and is in Bella's class! When I went to pick Bella up yesterday, Blake's mom was picking him up as well, so we were talking and she says the Blake talks about Bella non stop at home, asking where she is, what she's doing, etc. So adorable!! Then when we were leaving I told Bella to say bye, and she goes "Bye Blakey!" His mom laughed and said that's what they call him at home! I just laughed and thought, uh-oh Bella's got a boyfriend!!
Last night was so much fun, Bella was so excited to be home with Mommy & Daddy, and we just sang and danced all night! She was in such a good mood, so it made Eric & I very happy! We watched the So You Think You Can DAnce finale, and was very excited that Jeanine won it all! She is just too awesome not to!
Tonight we're going to Eric's parents' house to see his Grandparents. They are going with his Mom to Vegas for the weekend. Bella gets to see her Great Aunts & Uncles and spend time with everyone.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Eric's All Better

August 6, 2009

After being on antibiotics for almost 24 hours, Eric is feeling much better and going back to work today. Which means Bella will be back home tonight!! I am so excited!!
Yesterday I left work early and went to pick her up so we could spend some time together. When I got to her classroom, the teachers were singing and had hand puppets out. Bella had one on her hand and was mimicking her teachers. So cute!!! When she saw me walk in, she threw the puppet down and ran over to me yelling, "Mommy!!" I haven't been happier to see her! After we left I took her to Grandma's and she played for a bit before I headed home. I honestly was so excited just to spend an hour or so with her last night.
When I got home, Eric was watching tv, and looked a ton better than when I left him. We ate dinner and just relaxed most of the night. I decided we needed some ice cream since it was 105 outside, so we headed to Sonic and grabbed some. It was a nice night, and I was asleep by 9:30! Love it!!


Happy Birthday Austyn!!

August 5, 2009

I want to wish my nephew Austyn a happy 10th birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and the greatest year yet!!
We love you!!
My nephew sporting the Horns!!
Today is also a sad day for my family. 7 years ago today, my Mom passed away. I can't believe 7 years has passed already, because it seems like just yesterday we were laughing on the phone, or going shopping on a Saturday. Mom you are missed dearly! You were my best friend, and the one I could talk to about anything. Not only that, you were the best mom God could have granted me. I love and miss you!
Update on Eric:
He went to the doctor this morning and has strep throat. Ugh! So it's one more day at Grandma's for Bella. Which upsets me to no end not to see my baby girl, so I am leaving work early to pick her up from daycare and take her to Grandma's. That way I can at least spend a little time with her today! Tomorrow should be back to normal since Eric is now on antibiotics! At least we pray it's back to normal tomorrow...


Sick Hubby

August 4, 2009

Last night Eric had a meeting after work, and when he got home, he had no voice. I felt so bad for him, but he seemed okay. This morning he was worse. For the 1st time in forever, Eric called in sick. Thank goodness too, because he just looked exhausted and run down. I felt so bad, but I got Bella ready to go and we left as soon as possible for daycare so he could go back to sleep in peace and quiet. I haven't spoken again to him, want to wait for a few hours so he can get enough sleep.
Other than that, last night was so much fun! It was Mommy & Bella night, and I cooked a Mexican Casserole. Yummy! Afterwards, Bella & I watched Sugarland on tv, and danced the night away! She loves to dance, and so I moved everything out of the living room to give her enough space. So adorable!!
Then we got ready for bed just in time for Daddy to get home and help her go to sleep. All in all a wonderfully fun night!


Birthday Weekend Indeed!

August 3, 2009

Friday night we managed to get home on time and without any accidents, even though it was pouring the entire drive up there.
Saturday we went to Austyn's 10th birthday party @ Going Bonkers in Lewisville. He was so excited he didn't stop running around except to open presents, & eat pizza & cake. Then they were off again! Bella was an absolute doll during the whole party. She was scared at first to get in and play so she stayed with me & Eric. Then she sat at the table with all the big kids and ate right along with them. Growing up too fast for me! By the end she was sliding down the little kids slide and having an absolute blast! Great birthday party!
Saturday night, Tanya & Austyn came over to Dad's to celebrate my birthday. I had decided months ago that I didn't want to eat out, but instead have some home cooking! I rarely get any anymore, unless I make it. So when my Dad said he was making chicken & rice, Puerto Rican style, I was very excited! And it was delicious!! We all ate, had some wine, and just had so much fun listening to oldies music and reminiscing!
Sunday Dad took us to a breakfast buffet before we headed home.
Just such a fun weekend!
On a side note... I booked my wisdom teeth removal today. It's at 12:30 on August 21st. So I will definitely not be blogging for a while after that! But I still have 2 weeks to worry about the pain!

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