Birthday Week!

August 10, 2009

Friday will mark the official day I turn 28! Ouch, that sounds old!! Haha, but I am excited honestly! Going to have sushi & wine with some of my closest friends this Saturday night! Will be taking lots of pictures!!
So this past weekend was tons of fun! Saturday I met up with Sandra, Sonia, & Cheryl for lunch and got to catch up on everything going on in their lives right now. We talked for hours and just had the best time! Saturday night, Eric, me, Bella, & Grandpa went to a Round Rock Express game. Let me tell you, it was so much fun! I got to drink a beer, eat a turkey leg, and watch grown men running around trying to catch a ball! Too fun!! Bella was kinda fussy for the first few innings, so we all took turns taking her for walks. After the sun went down, she calmed down and got into the game more. And by into the game, I mean dancing to the music, clapping when everyone else claps, and sporting her Horns on the big screen! That's right all 4 of us got on the big screen due to my absolutely precious daughter winning the hearts of many! Also, they were throwing out Rudy's soft baseballs into the stands, and Grandpa caught one!! We were cheering for him, and Bella got to keep it! She was so excited!
Sunday, Eric had to work for a few hours, so Bella & I did a little window shopping, and relaxed at home. There was a Phinneaus & Ferb marathon all day, so we watched that for a good 8 hours straight! Haha, Bella just loved it! After she went to bed, Eric & I watched our new favorite shows... (all on HBO I might add) True Blood & Entoruage.
Great weekend, and now looking forward to a happy hour with my co-workers Thursday, and having my actual birthday off work to relax and get a pedi! What a great week ahead!!


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  1. Happy Birthday!!!
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