Birthday Weekend Indeed!

August 3, 2009

Friday night we managed to get home on time and without any accidents, even though it was pouring the entire drive up there.
Saturday we went to Austyn's 10th birthday party @ Going Bonkers in Lewisville. He was so excited he didn't stop running around except to open presents, & eat pizza & cake. Then they were off again! Bella was an absolute doll during the whole party. She was scared at first to get in and play so she stayed with me & Eric. Then she sat at the table with all the big kids and ate right along with them. Growing up too fast for me! By the end she was sliding down the little kids slide and having an absolute blast! Great birthday party!
Saturday night, Tanya & Austyn came over to Dad's to celebrate my birthday. I had decided months ago that I didn't want to eat out, but instead have some home cooking! I rarely get any anymore, unless I make it. So when my Dad said he was making chicken & rice, Puerto Rican style, I was very excited! And it was delicious!! We all ate, had some wine, and just had so much fun listening to oldies music and reminiscing!
Sunday Dad took us to a breakfast buffet before we headed home.
Just such a fun weekend!
On a side note... I booked my wisdom teeth removal today. It's at 12:30 on August 21st. So I will definitely not be blogging for a while after that! But I still have 2 weeks to worry about the pain!


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