Eric's All Better

August 6, 2009

After being on antibiotics for almost 24 hours, Eric is feeling much better and going back to work today. Which means Bella will be back home tonight!! I am so excited!!
Yesterday I left work early and went to pick her up so we could spend some time together. When I got to her classroom, the teachers were singing and had hand puppets out. Bella had one on her hand and was mimicking her teachers. So cute!!! When she saw me walk in, she threw the puppet down and ran over to me yelling, "Mommy!!" I haven't been happier to see her! After we left I took her to Grandma's and she played for a bit before I headed home. I honestly was so excited just to spend an hour or so with her last night.
When I got home, Eric was watching tv, and looked a ton better than when I left him. We ate dinner and just relaxed most of the night. I decided we needed some ice cream since it was 105 outside, so we headed to Sonic and grabbed some. It was a nice night, and I was asleep by 9:30! Love it!!


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