Long Weekend

August 31, 2009

Even though this weekend was just 2 days, I feel like it was a long weekend. I didn’t stop running errands all day Saturday! We went to get Eric new clothes since he got promoted!! That’s my hubby! So now he’ll look even more handsome! Afterwards we took Bella to Cici’s where instead of eating pizza, she only ate my salad. I did not have any problem with that! Stay with the healthy foods sweetheart! Saturday afternoon I met up with some ladies to discuss Melissa’s baby shower. It went really well, and I am excited to start planning and buying everything with all of them! While I was gone, Eric took Bella to the community pool and said she loved it! Saturday night we went to Rudy’s for dinner, where Bella did great! After we got home she was so sleepy, she fell asleep by 7:30! So I was able to run and see Sara’s new baby Kate she had on Friday. She is just too adorable! And holding a newborn again was such a great thing. Can’t wait to hold Mel’s and spoil her!

Sunday we went decided to try a new church. We haven’t really gone since Bella was born, because babies and Catholic church services don’t mix too well. We decided to try a more open church where she can listen to the music and actually enjoy herself. We went to Shoreline, and it just so happened to be the first time back for the pastor and his wife in 2 months. They lost their 17 year old son in a car accident in July. I have to tell you, they were so open about their pain, and I just sat there crying my eyes out for strangers. Loosing a child has to be the worst feeling ever, and I was so grateful that God sent us to this church on this day!
Afterwards, we cleaned house and I cooked a big dinner for Eric’s whole family. It went wonderful! The food was delicious and we had fun just catching up and Bella got to play ball with her Grandpa and Uncle. It was a wonderful weekend overall!

Now we’re getting geared up for my sister and Austyn to visit next weekend! We’re so excited for them to come to our new house and know it will be so much fun!!

Happy Monday!


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