Wednesday Night Fun

August 27, 2009

Last night was so much fun at my house. Eric brought dinner home for us, and by chance the lady at Taco C messed the order up and doubled his order. We had 4 quesadillas coming home and LOVED it! That’s right, it’s high living for us!

After our huge dinner, we started our entertainment for the evening. We watched Wipeout & Crash Course. They were both so funny, even Bella was laughing the whole time! All 3 of us sat in the living room laughing at these people who signed up to get the bottoms wooped for a chance at $50,000. It was just hilarious!
We also witnessed something that hasn’t happened in Austin in the last 4 months… a rain storm! That’s right folks, we had high winds and all! It was beautiful! Bella stood at the back door and stared for at least 5 minutes like she hadn’t seen rain ever in her life.

Afterwards we got her to bed, and just relaxed for the rest of the night. It was overall a wonderful family evening!

BTW – Horns kickoff game is 2 weeks from Saturday! You can feel the excitement all over Austin! We’re so excited and ready to see our Horns get back a National Championship this year!!!



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