Sick Hubby

August 4, 2009

Last night Eric had a meeting after work, and when he got home, he had no voice. I felt so bad for him, but he seemed okay. This morning he was worse. For the 1st time in forever, Eric called in sick. Thank goodness too, because he just looked exhausted and run down. I felt so bad, but I got Bella ready to go and we left as soon as possible for daycare so he could go back to sleep in peace and quiet. I haven't spoken again to him, want to wait for a few hours so he can get enough sleep.
Other than that, last night was so much fun! It was Mommy & Bella night, and I cooked a Mexican Casserole. Yummy! Afterwards, Bella & I watched Sugarland on tv, and danced the night away! She loves to dance, and so I moved everything out of the living room to give her enough space. So adorable!!
Then we got ready for bed just in time for Daddy to get home and help her go to sleep. All in all a wonderfully fun night!


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