They Grow Up So Fast

August 7, 2009

It's official... Bella has her 1st boyfriend!! Let me tell you all about him... His name is Blake and he is adorable! He's got blonde hair and blue eyes and is in Bella's class! When I went to pick Bella up yesterday, Blake's mom was picking him up as well, so we were talking and she says the Blake talks about Bella non stop at home, asking where she is, what she's doing, etc. So adorable!! Then when we were leaving I told Bella to say bye, and she goes "Bye Blakey!" His mom laughed and said that's what they call him at home! I just laughed and thought, uh-oh Bella's got a boyfriend!!
Last night was so much fun, Bella was so excited to be home with Mommy & Daddy, and we just sang and danced all night! She was in such a good mood, so it made Eric & I very happy! We watched the So You Think You Can DAnce finale, and was very excited that Jeanine won it all! She is just too awesome not to!
Tonight we're going to Eric's parents' house to see his Grandparents. They are going with his Mom to Vegas for the weekend. Bella gets to see her Great Aunts & Uncles and spend time with everyone.
Have a wonderful weekend!


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