Can You Say Early?!

September 15, 2009

Okay let me start with the back story on this… September or October 2007… Bella’s 1st Halloween. I found the cutest tulip fairy costume online at Gymboree. They had sold out online, so I decided to go to the mall to buy Bella her Halloween costume from there. When I got there, the lady that worked there told me they were sold out of that costume. She was nice enough to call the 3 other stores in town and they too were sold out!! I then got on the phone with friends and family all over Texas to ask them to check, which they did and no luck! I finally had to end up buying it off Ebay for more than what it was originally priced! (Not too much more, but with shipping it cost a little more) Needless to say, I promised myself, Bella, and my hubby that I would never go through that again.

Back to today… I went to Old Navy at lunch because they are having a sale on Fall baby clothes. I had already decided Bella was going to be a butterfly this year, and when I asked her what she wanted to be she also said butterfly! I found the cutest butterfly costume at Old Navy & 25% off! So I grabbed her size and proceeded to buy it! No there are no worries or stress for this upcoming Halloween! Below is a picture of it! Btw, if you’ve been reading my blog for the past year, you might think it looks familiar… that would be because Bella was a kitty cat last year and Momma bought that on sale at Old Navy as well! And she LOVED it! Score one for Mom!


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