Changes in the Muñoz Household

September 30, 2009

The Muñoz Family is going through another big change in our lives… Bella is about to move to a new daycare. For us, it’s a big deal. She’s 2 ½ and has only moved once since she started going to daycare at 3 months old. We like her knowing her teachers and friends, but lately she has not been happy at the daycare she is at now. This morning she actually said she didn’t want to go to school today. She never has said that before. So it’s time. We found a daycare that is a little out of my way to work, but has an abundance of things for her to do during the week. They have art class, Spanish class, dance class, gym, movie day, cooking class (of course at her age means pouring things into a bowl), an indoor and outdoor playground, and a mini pool for the kids. We visited last week and couldn’t believe our eyes on how much there was to do! They also have a tae-kwon-do class that’s extra, but Bella saw the kids doing it and wanted to, so we’ll sign her up for that soon too. The other great thing about it is it’s literally 2 minutes from Grandma & Grandpa’s house. So if anything (God forbid) happens, she can be there in a heartbeat. Bella will be starting on Nov. 2 at the new daycare, so I will keep everyone updated!

Last night was a little weird again. Bella was very quiet after I got her from school. She sat with me until Daddy got home. She did like helping me cook dinner, but didn’t like what I made! So, I ended up making mac-n-cheese and she ate it up. After we got a bath, and watched P&F until it was bedtime. She went out like a light and slept all night. The last 2 days I’ve picked her up from daycare she has been really quiet. Ms. Hailey says she is fine in class, and she wore undies all day and didn’t have 1 accident the whole day! She still seems upset or introverted. Hopefully it’s just a phase and nothing more. We’re always worried parents though!

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