Fun Times!

September 28, 2009

This weekend really was a lot of fun! Saturday while Daddy was working, Bella & I went to Target and got her some cute silver flats to wear with her dresses. She loved them! She also wanted some pink glitter flats, that I had to promise to buy her next time. Afterwards, we went home and Bella fell fast asleep! While she was asleep, Eric came home from work. She woke up just in time to realize we were both home which made her very excited! Afterwards, we watched a little bit of the Texas game, and then headed to Barton Creek Mall to let Bella meet Barney! When we rounded the corner at the mall and she saw Barney standing there, she screamed his name and hugged me! She was so excited! We ended up being there for over an hour just watching him. He even waved at her and she just was sooo excited! Afterwards, we headed to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. Bella did great at the restaurant and when we finished we let her play in the kids area at the mall.

Sunday we took family pictures with Melissa. Bella would not look at the camera and smile at all, so we're hoping for one or two good pictures! We've decided to start taking more family pictures and get Bella used to it. Afterwards, Grandma & Grandpa came over to help us fix our garage door, and then they took Bella with them for the night. Eric & I went to Chuy's for dinner and then just relaxed at home. Such a great weekend!

Bella @ The Domain

She was trying to climb this light pole... didn't work so well, but she had fun!

Can you tell she never looks at the camera?!

Me & my baby girl playing at the Domain

On a side note, today would have been my Mom's 63rd birthday. I miss her terribly, and wish she was here to celebrate it. I hope she is having a wonderful birthday up there!
Love you Mom!

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