Picture Day!

September 9, 2009

Picture day is today at Bella’s daycare. They are really great and take the kiddos pictures every 6 months or so. Unfortunately for us, Bella doesn’t smile when she gets her picture taken. We still buy every picture she takes, and most of the time they come out cute, but just not smiley adorable which I know my Bella is!

So all morning long we were practicing her smile. Eric & I kept saying “Okay when the people tell you to smile, what do you do?” And she smiles her biggest smile. When I took her to school this morning, she went to the teacher and said “This is how I’m going to smile for the camera today!” I was so proud of her and she seemed like she was excited and ready to get her picture taken!

Now we have to wait for a few weeks for the pictures to come back! So we shall see…

Also we’re taking family pictures next weekend! I ordered her the cutest dress, and hopefully it will be here in time! She will be just adorable! I can’t wait!

Can you tell I’m a picture taking Momma?!


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