Potty Training Update

September 23, 2009

Last night we had our first snafu with potty training. Eric had put Bella to bed around 8 p.m. At around nine, she woke up and told us she needed to go potty! We were so excited and ran her to the restroom, where she went potty on her own! She is at the stage where she kinda wants us to stay outside the restroom while she potties. So Eric stood outside, while Bella proceeded to use half a roll of toilet paper and flush it all at once. Eric looked in and noticed the toilet was overflowing! He screamed to me to come get Bella, and I scooped her up just in time before the water got on her. She started crying thinking she had done something wrong, so I calmed her down and let her know we were so proud of her going potty, but we need to learn to use a little (lot) less tp when we go. While I did this, Eric grabbed old towels and stopped the toilet and cleaned the restroom. Afterwards, we all 3 laid in bed together until Bella was fast asleep.

Bella is doing so well at potty training! She pretty much has a dry Pull-Up on when she is at home, because right when she says potty, Eric and I run to get her on. She goes right away! The only time there is a need for the Pull-Up is overnight.

She has started reverting back to Barney. She just loves singing and dancing to his shows the whole time, so this Saturday we are taking her to the Barton Creek Mall to meet him. Him & a new friend from the show will be there meeting the kids and I can’t wait to get a picture with him & Bella! She literally can sing every single song he has and so can I at this point! It’s one of her favorite things to do with her Momma!

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