Sleepy Time

September 2, 2009

Since we got back from the cruise in April, Bella has been very attached to us. Even going as far as having seperation anxiety. Needless to say, she has started sleeping with us at night. I never let her sleep in our bed as a baby, but felt so bad once we got back, that I let her sleep with us. Then we bought the new house, and that set her off and she kept sleeping with us. Now she is starting to sleep in the guest room (for some reason she wants nothing to do with her own bed!), which is nice, but wakes up in the middle of the night screaming. Eric & I are both pretty heavy sleepers, but inevitably he'll end up going in there to calm her and falls asleep with her. I honestly don't have any idea what to do anymore. I am glad she is sleeping on her own, but the middle of the night crying has got to stop. I feel like she is 4 weeks old again!
Tonight we are going to try her room and see how that ends up. Daddy can't fit into a toddler sized bed, so hopefully this will help stop the sleeping in guest room phase! We shall see...


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