Update Time

September 15, 2009

Okay so I have 2 updates I wanted to post on!
1) My Daddy made it out of surgery and is in the hospital recovering. I haven't called anyone yet this morning to check in, but as of last night he was doing okay. Thank you to everyone who prayed for him! I really appreciate it!
2) We got Bella's picture proofs from school in, and they came out wonderful!! She actually looked at the camera and smiled!! We're purchasing some of both poses!
Tonight Bella is staying with Grandma. We had originally planned to go to the Salt Lick with Eric's friends, but the rain is kinda putting a damper on that. So Eric & I are having dinner together. He told me he would pick the place and not to worry, so I am not. It's our anniversary week, so this is just a little precursor to the actual anniversary date this Saturday!
Last night went well, Bella played with her new digital camera (aka our old camera) and LOVES taking pictures of everything and everyone! She is pretty good too! While she took pictures of the pups, I made turkey tacos. Yum! After dinner & bath, Bella was ready for bed. Which meant Eric & I got to sit down together with a glass of wine and popcorn, and watch the season premiere of our shows. What a great night!!


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