Weeknight Date Night

September 16, 2009

Eric keeps telling me we need a night once a month during the week to ourselves. Grandma watches Bella, and him & I get to go to dinner and just relax and spend time together. I have always been against this idea, mainly because I want Bella home with us as much as possible. She loves going to Grandma’s and they love having her, but I’m selfish about my daughter and love spending as much time as possible with her. Grandma & Grandpa want her to stay at least once a week with them, which usually ends up bring a Friday or Saturday night and she has so much fun with them and they just love her. Well last night I finally gave in and had a weeknight date night! And can I say; it was wonderful! I called a few times and checked in on Bella, and of course she was fine and having a great time playing baseball with Grandma.

We both got home and changed, and I surprised Eric by taking him to Chuy’s. It’s his favorite, and he was very happy! We made it just in time for Happy Hour to end, so we managed to order margaritas before 7 p.m. We had a great meal, talked and caught up with each other, which doesn’t happen enough when I am cooking dinner and he is getting Bella ready for bed. When we got home, we watched a few shows and just relaxed! It really was a great night!

What topped it off was the weather! We’ve had tons of rain lately, and last night the clouds cleared and we got an hour or so of sun, and it was only 79 degrees! Perfect weather!

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