October 30, 2009


Week Review So Far

October 29, 2009

I didn't get to post yesterday, and honestly, not much is going on in our household right now. I am thankful for that! Everyone is healthy & happy! Tomorrow is Bella's last day at her daycare. She seems very ready for a change. All week it's been like pulling teeth to get her out of the house, then out of the car and into the daycare. She clings to me most mornings not wanting me to leave. Breaks my heart, but I know that next week it will be different and hopefully she will love her new daycare.
Eric & I have started a daily chore list. I feel like lately we've been slacking off in the cleaning department when it comes to our house. I am ocd about cleanliness, but if I am not forced to clean, lately I haven't. So we have a nightly chore to help keep the house, puppies, clothes, etc. cleaned. I clean clothes constantly anyway, but it was such a good idea we decided to run with it! This is the 1st week, and we're doing really well. Last night Eric gave the pups baths, while I scrubbed the kitchen floor to ceiling. We both like knowing the house is spotless, and this keeps us from cleaning all day Sunday.
Tomorrow night, Eric & I are planning on a date night. We're hoping to go see "This is It" and have a yummy dinner somewhere! Saturday, Eric has to work in the morning, and then we're getting ready for Halloween! Bella will be doing her 1st actual trick or treating. Afterwards, our neighborhood is throwing a Halloween party where they will have tons of fun things to do. Bella is going to have so much fun!
Sunday bright & early, we are going to Race for the Cure. It's something Eric & I do every year. This will be Bella's 1st time to go, but I think she is really going to enjoy herself!
If I don't post tomorrow, have a great weekend and
Happy Halloween!!


More Family Pictures

October 27, 2009

Here are more of our pictures we took a few weeks back. They came out so cute! Thanks again to Melissa Rheinlander for taking them!


Fun but Exhausting Weekend

October 26, 2009

Saturday was so much fun! But let's start with Friday night. After work, we went to Rudy's for dinner. Of course it was yummy. Bella did great and ate a good amount of food. Afterwards, we came home and she was ready for bed. Eric put her down, and then we relaxed together. One of Eric's friends from Germany is in town, so he went to meet up with him for a bit. It was nice for me too, because I got to relax and watch tv, all to myself. That doesn't happen too often in our house!

Saturday we woke up & went shopping at Target and bought Bella some new cute boots she loved. We wanted to drop by the new Nordstrom's Rack that opened, but we couldn't even get through the parking lot, let alone park and go in. I have an adversion to large crowds when I have Bella with me, so we kept on driving. We went to Eric's parents house to visit, and then we all went to Boo @ the Zoo. Bella just loved it! She saw tons of animals, and we ended the trip by going on a "haunted" train ride. She loved it!

After the zoo, Bella stayed with his parents and we went to Melissa's annual Halloween party. Sandra & Mark went with us, and we all had so much fun! It ended up being a very late night, so we slept in Sunday morning.

Bella came home around 11 a.m. and we just spent the day watching the Cowboys game, and relaxing as a family. Great weekend indeed!

Bella in her Halloween costume before the zoo.

She is a pink butterfly!!


Great Weekend Coming!

October 23, 2009

I am posting extremely late today. I have been swamped all day at work and it's finally starting to slow down! Let me first say I am so happy that we are having awesome weather here! It's in the high 60's without a cloud in the sky! I couldn't ask for a more pretty day!
Here are our upcoming weekend plans! It's going to be a fast, fun, and crazy weekend!!
Tonight we are going to Rudy's for dinner, like almost every Friday night. Afterwards, we're planning on coming home, watching a little Barney & Sesame Street before Bella goes to bed, and then Eric & I will enjoy our evening with a little vino and some television. Ahhhh, nice relaxing night ahead!
Saturday we are taking it easy during the day, because Saturday night is going to be a blast! We're taking Bella to Boo @ the Zoo in South Austin. Eric's parents are going and we'll all be taking a "haunted" train ride around the zoo to see the animals. Many a picture will be taken. This is an annual thing we do for Bella, and the Grandparents have come every year. She just loves it! Afterwards she is going to be staying with Grandma & Grandpa so Eric & I can attend Mel & Michael's annual Halloween Party! We try to make it every year, and every year it's a blast! Sandra & Mark are coming with us, so it should be tons of fun!!
So Happy Friday, and may your weekend be filled with love and laughter...


Finally Getting Back to Normal

October 22, 2009

I have been battling bronchitis since last Friday. I went to the doctor on Monday and got on antibiotics, but have been exhausted since. Today I am feeling much better. Back to my normal self, thank goodness!
So let me catch you up on the week so far. Monday after the doctors I picked Bella up and came home. We watched Sesame Street & Barney together and then I cooked dinner. I was so exhausted by the time Eric got home, he got Bella ready for bed for me, while I laid on the couch. Tuesday I ended up calling in to work, and slept ALL day. By the time I got Bella & Eric got home, I was wide awake and still feeling terrible. We managed to cook dinner & we carved our 1st pumpkin in our new house! Bella had so much fun "helping" carve the pumpkin! I couldn't fall back asleep till midnight because I had slept so much all day. Yesterday I went back to work, and made it all day. Last night was like every night, dinner, baths, bed, etc. All in all not too bad of a week.
This Saturday we are taking Bella to Boo @ the Zoo. It's something we do every year and she just gets a kick out of it! I take tons of pictures, and will do the same this year! Afterwards, we will be cheering our Horns onto victory against Mizzou and then getting ready for a costume party! It's going to be a fun weekend ahead!!


What A Weekend

October 19, 2009

This weekend was somewhat of a rollercoaster… Saturday morning was awesome!! We watched our Horns win a big game against OU keeping us safely in the BCS standings at #3. We had a lot of fun with friends eating and watching the game at Pluckers. Afterwards, we picked Bella up from Eric’s parents’ house and went shopping at the Outlets in Round Rock. I got some much needed jeans and got Bella some clothes and a new pair of Dora Crocs. She absolutely loves Crocs, and went crazy when she saw Dora on them. She actually wouldn’t take them off! So I cut the tag off, and paid for them right away. After we got home, and I got to relax, I started feeling bad again. Coughing and sneezing all night. Eric was so great and watched Bella while I went to bed early.

Sunday I was sick all day. Unfortunately, Bella didn’t take a nap all day and Eric had to work in the afternoon, so by 6:30 or so, I got ready and went to bed. I slept well most of the night, which is good.

Today I am trying to get into my doctor’s office ASAP. I can’t stop coughing and that’s not good when I have to work. I hope it’s just a cold or respitory infection and nothing more. I’ll update when I find out!



October 16, 2009

Yesterday was not a good day for me. I have been fighting a cold all day, which wasn't too bad until lunch came around. One of my co-workers and I went accross the street to an Italian restaurant. It was good, and we were having a good time until I tried getting back into my car. I went to get in and twisted my ankle which caused me to fall and hit my hip on the ground. I was in so much pain, I ended up just going home. My ankle is fine, except for a little bruising, but my hip is all bruised and swollen. Hurts to even sit down in a chair. I am so clumsy sometimes!
On a better note, tomorrow is the Red River Rivalry!! We'll be watching the Horns beat the Sooners, while celebrating with friends. It will be a beautiful day!! Hook 'Em Horns!!

longhorns Pictures, Images and Photos


Pumpkin Carving & Getting Ready for the Game

October 15, 2009

Last night after dinner, I went to Melissa's house to visit and switch out books with her. I got there right before she had to leave to get her crib & furniture for Baby Alex. So I came along. We didn't realize we would be there for well over an hour. It was a mess, and they finally got their furniture and everything resolved. We left and went back to her house, and I got to see the beautiful furniture she chose. Afterwards, we got to sit and catch up for a bit before I had to head home. It was good to catch up, and can't wait for Baby Alex to come so I can spoil her.
Tonight we are finally getting to carve our pumpkin. I am excited to roast pumpkin seeds and let Bella help us the whole time! We're also so excited for this coming Saturday morning! We have around 12 or so people meeting us at Pluckers for the big game. It's going to be crazy fun! Melissa & Michael gave Eric an O Who? shirt for the occasion! Gosh I hope we do well and kick some Sooner booty this weekend!!


We'll Try Again Thursday

October 14, 2009

Pumpkin carving was a no go last night. Bella was in such a terrible mood all night long. She cried about eating pizza for dinner, cried about what was on tv, cried about taking a bath, etc. Eric & I decided trying to keep her awake long enough to carve a pumpkin was not smart, so it has been rescheduled for Thursday night.
Because of the excessive screaming and crying last night, Bella was exhausted and went to sleep almost right after bath time. It was nice, because Eric & I got to relax, have a glass of wine together, and catch up on our day.
This weekend is the BIG Red River Shootout in Dallas, and you can definitely feel the buzz all over Austin! Every news cast, radio show, etc. are talking about it. Last year, we beat the Sooners and yet they made it to the Big 12 & National Championship. Austinites & Horns fans were crushed. This year we won't let that happen twice. We are looking for a big win, that will hopefully push us back into the number 2 position in the rankings. We can't wait to watch the game with tons of friends and lots of delicious food!
Come Early, Stay Late, Be Loud, and Wear Orange!!


Pumpkin Time!

October 13, 2009

Quick note, tonight we are carving our 1st pumpkin of the year! Bella keeps calling it her pumpkin, so we will see how she feels about carving it! Also, I will of course be taking tons of pictures! I am probably just as excited as Bella for tonight!


My Bella

This is such a great picture of my baby girl! We told her to make a funny face and that's exactly what she did!
I absolutely love this picture!


Finally Gave In

October 12, 2009

This weekend my Blackberry kept turning off anytime someone would call me or I'd call them. It would go to a black screen and just shut down. I had absolutely no way of using my phone other than text messaging. I called T-Mobile for help, and found out it was pretty much dead. Yeah me... We were still on contract, and it would have cost around $300 to replace it, since I didn't have warranty. So, I gave in, went to AT&T and bought myself an I-Phone! And I must say, I love it already! I've downloaded tons of apps, and it's so easy to use. I am in love!
Saturday was Melissa's baby shower. It was great! We had tons of food, a beautiful cake, and lots of decorations & presents. She loved it, and had so much fun. She also got tons of presents for Baby Alexandra. It was so much fun, and by the time I got home around 5:30 p.m., I was completely exhausted. The Horns were not playing well against Colorado, but they managed to pull a win in the end. I was asleep before it ended. I did notice we managed to slip into 3rd in the rankings... but the upside is that Alabama & Florida play each other, so that should put us back to #2 as long as we kick some Sooner booty this weekend.
Sunday, we went grocery shopping, and to the AT&T store, which was packed. We also watched our Cowboys win a game they were loosing most of the game. We spent the afternoon at Eric's parents since Eric hadn't seen them in a few weeks. Bella was so exhausted for some reason and cried most of the afternoon & evening. When we got home, she got a bath, while I cooked dinner, and after dinner, she was asleep by 7 p.m. Great fun weekend!
This weekend is going to be tons of fun. We're all going to be at Pluckers watching Horns & Sooners play. I pray we win this game as well... Happy Monday!



October 9, 2009

Warning: This post may sound jumbled and all over the place. Exhuastion does that to you...
Exhaustion has set in. Last night was great because Bella was home. She ate dinner well, and then her & Eric played basketball in our driveway while I cleaned the kitchen up. Afterwards, we all went upstairs and gave Bella her bath. I was able to watch my new favorite show, Vampire Diaries, and then during Grey’s Anatomy, Bella couldn’t go to sleep and started crying for me, so I went to bed, watched my shows, and helped her fall asleep. That’s multi tasking at it’s finest! Eric decided to sleep in the guest room one last night, just to make sure we don’t catch anything. So Bella & I slept in our bed, and I got absolutely no sleep. She took over the entire bed, and kept waking up the whole night. Needless to say, I am exhausted this morning. Even Starbucks doesn’t seem to do the trick. Let’s hope for a second wind soon…

Tonight we are going to run over to Babies R Us to finish up Melissa’s baby shower gift. Afterwards, we’ll grab a bite to eat and head home. It’s pouring here, so staying in as much as possible is preferable.

The shower is tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out! There are 6 of us planning the shower together, so it should be good! Charging my camera tonight! Have a great weekend!!

Also, Hook ‘Em Horns! They play Colorado tomorrow, and the next weekend is the Big Game! Red River Shootout!!


Finally Getting Back to Normal

October 8, 2009

If you can call our lives normal, than that's finally what we are getting back to. Bella went to daycare today for the 1st time since last Friday. Eric went back to work for the 1st time this week as well, and I am planning on going home, cooking dinner, washing clothes/sheets, bathing Bella, and giving her tons of hugs until she falls asleep. I can't wait!
The rest of October looks packed every weekend. This weekend is Mel's baby shower & our neighborhood party Sunday evening. Next weekend is the big Texas vs. OU weekend, where we will be watching the game with friends at Pluckers. We've made it tradition, and we are hoping for a huge win! The 24th we are taking Bella to the annual Boo @ the Zoo at Austin Zoo, then heading to Lockhart for Mel & Michael's annual Halloween party at the Ranch. The last weekend is of course Halloween! Bella is going to be the most beautiful butterfly ever. I may be a little biast about that though.
This is my favorite time of the year, October, November, & December. It seems to fly by so quickly, so I am trying as hard as I can to make it last and take tons of family pictures throught the holidays!


Pictures From The Trip

October 7, 2009

Bella the night before we left

Audrey & I on our way to dinner

Our handsome hubbies... Zach & Eric

Audrey & I at Fresca's

Eric & I before our yummy dinner

Oh yeah we broke out the hula hoop!

Eric was pretty good at it

Zach & Eric being... well Zach & Eric

Audrey was so much better than me at hula hooping!

The whole Sellers Family

Loving my Hubby!


Update on The Muñoz's Health

Here’s a quick run down on my family and how they are feeling. Hallelujah I have not gotten the flu! Thank God! Eric’s fever broke yesterday morning and has not come back (again Hallelujah). He is coughing a lot but other than that seems to be getting much better. Bella is almost back to 100%!!! (Thank you Lord!) She has a runny nose, and small cough, but no fever since Monday and running and playing like normal. Hopefully by tomorrow we will all be back to normal schedule and normal family life. I can only pray!

Saturday I am co-hosting a baby shower for Melissa! It’s going to be a huge shower (approx. 50 people coming!) and it will be in Lockhart. She seems so excited, and so am I! I am almost done with her present, just a few things here and there to get. I will be taking tons of pictures (I am hoping I don’t forget my camera) and will post some here.

Also, I actually did take some pictures this past weekend, but with all the sickness in the house I haven’t had time to post them. I am planning on getting to that tonight or tomorrow night. Although tomorrow night is my CSI: / Grey’s Anatomy / Private Practice night, so that might be more likely what I’ll be doing! Happy Wednesday, hopefully tomorrow I will be posting even more good news on The Muñoz’s health!


Missing My Baby

October 5, 2009

For the next few days Bella is staying with her Grandparents until Eric feels better. It is so great that they are here and able to watch her for us. We are so blessed with great parents who help us whenever we need. Thank you both for caring so much and for taking care of our little girl this week!

As much as I am grateful, I am also saddened at the prospect of not seeing her for a few more days. I love picking her up at daycare and cooking her dinner. So instead as long as I am feeling fine, I will be stopping by on my way home from work to play with her and just love on her for a while. We both miss her terribly, and can't wait for her to come home, and for all of us to get back into the normalcy of our lives...


Fun times ending with getting sick

On Friday night we made our way to Roanoke to visit Zach & Audrey. When we got there we let the puggies run wild and get out all of their energy. Audrey and I talked for a bit, and then headed to bed. The guys decided to drink their way through the night while playing NCAA 2010.
Saturday morning we woke up feeling great and the guys not so much! We still ended up going to eat at a Mexican restaurant in Colleyville that had some of the best nachos ever! Afterwards the boys went back home to watch college football, while Audrey and I did our annual shopping spree through Southlake. I went to one of my absolute favorite stores, Nordstroms Rack, where I introduced Audrey to Seven Jeans. When she put them on, she was in love! ;) After all the shopping was done, Audrey introduced me to Gelato. It was delicious!! When we got back home, the boys were both asleep on the couch, so we decided to relax right along with them, until we all got hungry. We went to Fresca's in Wautaga, which was Eric & my favorite place when we used to live in Keller. It was great! We ended the night early watching even more football at their house.

Sunday Eric woke up with a fever and not feeling well. Audrey took me to get some medicine for him and then we hurried and headed home. We didn't want anyone else to get sick, so we left earlier than planned.

This morning we both called in, and I took Eric to the doctors. He does have the H1N1 flu, and so does Bella. She is staying with Grandma until it all blows over, and I am planning on going back to work tomorrow as long as I feel okay. Eric is stuck in the house until Thursday. Poor babies!!


Roanoke Here We Come!

October 2, 2009

After work today we are packing the Volvo up and heading north. We are just so excited to go visit Zach & Audrey for the weekend. They weather is going to be so-so, but it doesn't matter, we'll still have so much fun!
We met the Sellers a month or so before their wedding over 4 years ago. Eric & Zach worked together at Enterprise and became good friends, then Audrey & I met and click right away. We've pretty much been great friends ever since. We plan on watching some college football (all I have to say is Go Miami Hurricanes!), shopping, lots of Mexican food, and tons of laughs!
Roxie & Tug are coming along for the ride, so they can see one of thier best friends, Chompers. All 3 pugs will be running around like crazy the whole weekend, and I can bet the ride back to Austin will be very quiet since they will be tuckered out.
I plan on taking tons of pictures (I always say that and take very few!) and will post on here by Monday (hopefully!) Have a great weekend!!
The 4 of us downtown after Texas / OU weekend last year


Pictures from Sunday

October 1, 2009

Here are a few pictures Melissa took of us on Sunday. They came out perfect! We just love them and will post more soon!

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