Finally Getting Back to Normal

October 22, 2009

I have been battling bronchitis since last Friday. I went to the doctor on Monday and got on antibiotics, but have been exhausted since. Today I am feeling much better. Back to my normal self, thank goodness!
So let me catch you up on the week so far. Monday after the doctors I picked Bella up and came home. We watched Sesame Street & Barney together and then I cooked dinner. I was so exhausted by the time Eric got home, he got Bella ready for bed for me, while I laid on the couch. Tuesday I ended up calling in to work, and slept ALL day. By the time I got Bella & Eric got home, I was wide awake and still feeling terrible. We managed to cook dinner & we carved our 1st pumpkin in our new house! Bella had so much fun "helping" carve the pumpkin! I couldn't fall back asleep till midnight because I had slept so much all day. Yesterday I went back to work, and made it all day. Last night was like every night, dinner, baths, bed, etc. All in all not too bad of a week.
This Saturday we are taking Bella to Boo @ the Zoo. It's something we do every year and she just gets a kick out of it! I take tons of pictures, and will do the same this year! Afterwards, we will be cheering our Horns onto victory against Mizzou and then getting ready for a costume party! It's going to be a fun weekend ahead!!

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