Fun but Exhausting Weekend

October 26, 2009

Saturday was so much fun! But let's start with Friday night. After work, we went to Rudy's for dinner. Of course it was yummy. Bella did great and ate a good amount of food. Afterwards, we came home and she was ready for bed. Eric put her down, and then we relaxed together. One of Eric's friends from Germany is in town, so he went to meet up with him for a bit. It was nice for me too, because I got to relax and watch tv, all to myself. That doesn't happen too often in our house!

Saturday we woke up & went shopping at Target and bought Bella some new cute boots she loved. We wanted to drop by the new Nordstrom's Rack that opened, but we couldn't even get through the parking lot, let alone park and go in. I have an adversion to large crowds when I have Bella with me, so we kept on driving. We went to Eric's parents house to visit, and then we all went to Boo @ the Zoo. Bella just loved it! She saw tons of animals, and we ended the trip by going on a "haunted" train ride. She loved it!

After the zoo, Bella stayed with his parents and we went to Melissa's annual Halloween party. Sandra & Mark went with us, and we all had so much fun! It ended up being a very late night, so we slept in Sunday morning.

Bella came home around 11 a.m. and we just spent the day watching the Cowboys game, and relaxing as a family. Great weekend indeed!

Bella in her Halloween costume before the zoo.

She is a pink butterfly!!


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