Fun times ending with getting sick

October 5, 2009

On Friday night we made our way to Roanoke to visit Zach & Audrey. When we got there we let the puggies run wild and get out all of their energy. Audrey and I talked for a bit, and then headed to bed. The guys decided to drink their way through the night while playing NCAA 2010.
Saturday morning we woke up feeling great and the guys not so much! We still ended up going to eat at a Mexican restaurant in Colleyville that had some of the best nachos ever! Afterwards the boys went back home to watch college football, while Audrey and I did our annual shopping spree through Southlake. I went to one of my absolute favorite stores, Nordstroms Rack, where I introduced Audrey to Seven Jeans. When she put them on, she was in love! ;) After all the shopping was done, Audrey introduced me to Gelato. It was delicious!! When we got back home, the boys were both asleep on the couch, so we decided to relax right along with them, until we all got hungry. We went to Fresca's in Wautaga, which was Eric & my favorite place when we used to live in Keller. It was great! We ended the night early watching even more football at their house.

Sunday Eric woke up with a fever and not feeling well. Audrey took me to get some medicine for him and then we hurried and headed home. We didn't want anyone else to get sick, so we left earlier than planned.

This morning we both called in, and I took Eric to the doctors. He does have the H1N1 flu, and so does Bella. She is staying with Grandma until it all blows over, and I am planning on going back to work tomorrow as long as I feel okay. Eric is stuck in the house until Thursday. Poor babies!!

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