Pumpkin Carving & Getting Ready for the Game

October 15, 2009

Last night after dinner, I went to Melissa's house to visit and switch out books with her. I got there right before she had to leave to get her crib & furniture for Baby Alex. So I came along. We didn't realize we would be there for well over an hour. It was a mess, and they finally got their furniture and everything resolved. We left and went back to her house, and I got to see the beautiful furniture she chose. Afterwards, we got to sit and catch up for a bit before I had to head home. It was good to catch up, and can't wait for Baby Alex to come so I can spoil her.
Tonight we are finally getting to carve our pumpkin. I am excited to roast pumpkin seeds and let Bella help us the whole time! We're also so excited for this coming Saturday morning! We have around 12 or so people meeting us at Pluckers for the big game. It's going to be crazy fun! Melissa & Michael gave Eric an O Who? shirt for the occasion! Gosh I hope we do well and kick some Sooner booty this weekend!!

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