Update on The Muñoz's Health

October 7, 2009

Here’s a quick run down on my family and how they are feeling. Hallelujah I have not gotten the flu! Thank God! Eric’s fever broke yesterday morning and has not come back (again Hallelujah). He is coughing a lot but other than that seems to be getting much better. Bella is almost back to 100%!!! (Thank you Lord!) She has a runny nose, and small cough, but no fever since Monday and running and playing like normal. Hopefully by tomorrow we will all be back to normal schedule and normal family life. I can only pray!

Saturday I am co-hosting a baby shower for Melissa! It’s going to be a huge shower (approx. 50 people coming!) and it will be in Lockhart. She seems so excited, and so am I! I am almost done with her present, just a few things here and there to get. I will be taking tons of pictures (I am hoping I don’t forget my camera) and will post some here.

Also, I actually did take some pictures this past weekend, but with all the sickness in the house I haven’t had time to post them. I am planning on getting to that tonight or tomorrow night. Although tomorrow night is my CSI: / Grey’s Anatomy / Private Practice night, so that might be more likely what I’ll be doing! Happy Wednesday, hopefully tomorrow I will be posting even more good news on The Muñoz’s health!

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