Week Review So Far

October 29, 2009

I didn't get to post yesterday, and honestly, not much is going on in our household right now. I am thankful for that! Everyone is healthy & happy! Tomorrow is Bella's last day at her daycare. She seems very ready for a change. All week it's been like pulling teeth to get her out of the house, then out of the car and into the daycare. She clings to me most mornings not wanting me to leave. Breaks my heart, but I know that next week it will be different and hopefully she will love her new daycare.
Eric & I have started a daily chore list. I feel like lately we've been slacking off in the cleaning department when it comes to our house. I am ocd about cleanliness, but if I am not forced to clean, lately I haven't. So we have a nightly chore to help keep the house, puppies, clothes, etc. cleaned. I clean clothes constantly anyway, but it was such a good idea we decided to run with it! This is the 1st week, and we're doing really well. Last night Eric gave the pups baths, while I scrubbed the kitchen floor to ceiling. We both like knowing the house is spotless, and this keeps us from cleaning all day Sunday.
Tomorrow night, Eric & I are planning on a date night. We're hoping to go see "This is It" and have a yummy dinner somewhere! Saturday, Eric has to work in the morning, and then we're getting ready for Halloween! Bella will be doing her 1st actual trick or treating. Afterwards, our neighborhood is throwing a Halloween party where they will have tons of fun things to do. Bella is going to have so much fun!
Sunday bright & early, we are going to Race for the Cure. It's something Eric & I do every year. This will be Bella's 1st time to go, but I think she is really going to enjoy herself!
If I don't post tomorrow, have a great weekend and
Happy Halloween!!

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