We'll Try Again Thursday

October 14, 2009

Pumpkin carving was a no go last night. Bella was in such a terrible mood all night long. She cried about eating pizza for dinner, cried about what was on tv, cried about taking a bath, etc. Eric & I decided trying to keep her awake long enough to carve a pumpkin was not smart, so it has been rescheduled for Thursday night.
Because of the excessive screaming and crying last night, Bella was exhausted and went to sleep almost right after bath time. It was nice, because Eric & I got to relax, have a glass of wine together, and catch up on our day.
This weekend is the BIG Red River Shootout in Dallas, and you can definitely feel the buzz all over Austin! Every news cast, radio show, etc. are talking about it. Last year, we beat the Sooners and yet they made it to the Big 12 & National Championship. Austinites & Horns fans were crushed. This year we won't let that happen twice. We are looking for a big win, that will hopefully push us back into the number 2 position in the rankings. We can't wait to watch the game with tons of friends and lots of delicious food!
Come Early, Stay Late, Be Loud, and Wear Orange!!

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