What A Weekend

October 19, 2009

This weekend was somewhat of a rollercoaster… Saturday morning was awesome!! We watched our Horns win a big game against OU keeping us safely in the BCS standings at #3. We had a lot of fun with friends eating and watching the game at Pluckers. Afterwards, we picked Bella up from Eric’s parents’ house and went shopping at the Outlets in Round Rock. I got some much needed jeans and got Bella some clothes and a new pair of Dora Crocs. She absolutely loves Crocs, and went crazy when she saw Dora on them. She actually wouldn’t take them off! So I cut the tag off, and paid for them right away. After we got home, and I got to relax, I started feeling bad again. Coughing and sneezing all night. Eric was so great and watched Bella while I went to bed early.

Sunday I was sick all day. Unfortunately, Bella didn’t take a nap all day and Eric had to work in the afternoon, so by 6:30 or so, I got ready and went to bed. I slept well most of the night, which is good.

Today I am trying to get into my doctor’s office ASAP. I can’t stop coughing and that’s not good when I have to work. I hope it’s just a cold or respitory infection and nothing more. I’ll update when I find out!

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