Thanksgiving Pictures!

November 30, 2009

Riley, Austyn, & Bella jumping on the guest bed.

Look at that jump!

Bella eating a turkey cookie!

She loved that cookie!

The kids at Thanksgiving dinner.

Bella playing with her Abuelita

My beautiful Abuela!

Love this picture of them!

Thanksgiving Weekend Review


The past week or so has gone by quickly, and I will try to remember almost everything from Thanksgiving weekend.
First I have BIG news! Bella was moved up to the 3’s class!! She doesn’t even turn 3 for 2 more months, and there are a ton of kids in her class that are months older than her. The school felt she was ready to move up! They think she speaks so clearly and remembers everything, and that she will do great with the 3 year olds!! Eric & I are such proud parents!!
So, on Wednesday night we left Austin and headed to Irving. We decided to stay with my sister because my Abuela & Uncle are in town and staying at my Dad’s. The ride was not fun at all! Bella was an angel the whole time, but the traffic was horrendous! We pretty much drove on the frontage road the whole time. The 2 ½ hour drive there turned into 4 hours! We finally got to Tanya’s around 10:30 p.m.
Thanksgiving Day went well. Dad had about 12 people over (all family in some way) and had a huge Thanksgiving dinner that had plenty of leftovers! My Dad always fries the turkey, and it’s so delicious!! We had such a great time, and Bella got to meet her great Grandma & Great Uncle Ray. She was a pretty good girl most of the time! My sister and I ended up going to Old Navy before lunch, and it was crazy!! We stood in line for over an hour to check out. Never again! Haha! Thursday night we watched our Beloved Longhorns beat the crud out of A&M!! It was a close game, but Colt looked awesome and did such a great job!! Now it's onto the Big 12 Championship this Saturday against the Nebraska Cornhuskers... Wish we could go to Dallas to watch it, but we will be celebrating at Pluckers watching them win the 13th game this year and going to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!! (Which I called that wayyy back in August! Hook 'Em)
Friday & Saturday went about the same. We stayed all day at Dad’s spending time with all of our family. Bella was good, and my Abuela kept saying how smart and beautiful she is! I couldn’t agree more! J
Saturday night, my sister and I went shopping again. I showed her the awesomeness of expensive jeans! She loves Rock & Republic, and now she wants to get a pair. It’s a sickness I tell you!
Sunday morning we woke up bright & early and went to have breakfast at my Dad’s. Wanted to say goodbye to my family one last time. Traffic home was normal, thank God! We were able to come home, grocery shop, and put up all of our indoor Christmas decorations! It is cold and wet outside, so once it dries out, Eric will put the lights up in front of our house. Can’t wait!
Hope every had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

BTW, I didn't take pictures barely at all for some reason. I did however take some of Bella with my Abuela I will post tonight!


November 24, 2009

This will be my last post before Thanksgiving, so I wanted to put a few things me & my family are thankful for. Kind of like when you go around the Thanksgiving table and say them out loud, except that there are going to be around 15 people at my Dad’s house Thursday so it would probably take an hour for everyone to get to eat.
First and foremost, Eric & I are truly thankful for having a happy, healthy, smart baby girl who is the light & love of our lives! We are truly blessed to have her in our lives and couldn’t imagine a day without our Bella!
We are also thankful for our families & friends. We wouldn’t be where or who we are without each and every one of you! Especially for both of our families, we love all of you very much and are so thankful for each of you!
Eric, Bella, & I are thankful for our health and happiness. Thank you God for our jobs, our house, and mainly for keeping us healthy!
Next month, Eric & I will be celebrating 10 years together! We have ups & downs, but our love never waivers. I am truly thankful Eric is my soulmate & could not imagine going through this life without him! Love you!

From our family to yours…

Happy Thanksgiving!!

My Poor Bella

November 23, 2009

Since she was born, Bella has had a lot of problems going poo poo. She had tons of constipation problems, that seem to go away for a little bit and then over time come back with a vengeance. This weekend has to be the worst so far. Thursday after daycare she came home and didn't seem to bad or feeling sick, but by the time we put her to bed, she was screaming in pain every few minutes. I even gave her a suppository and nothing helped. All weekend she has had constant smaller bowel movements, which cause her a lot of pain. It's also caused her to have a pretty terrible diaper rash. We've literally been changing her pull ups every 30 minutes!

So tonight started out the same. Grandma decided to watch Bella all day because of the problems, so when I went to pick her up, Bella seemed to be okay. Her diaper rash had gone down, but she was still in pain every few minutes trying to go potty. After dinner, we got her into a warm bath to try and help. After her bath, Eric put Tuggy into a bath & let Bella play in her game room. I kept my eye on her the whole time, and all of a sudden she said she needed to go potty. Eric rushed to get her on the toilet, and she had the biggest poo poo ever! You could tell she was so relieved. Her whole demeanor changed and she was back to her normal happy self! Now we are hoping she stays that way. Thank goodness she loves her apples & prune juice!

Thanksgiving, Birthday, & New Moon All in One!

This weekend was a lot of fun and jammed packed. Friday night it was pouring rain and very cold, so Eric went to get dinner while Bella & I stayed cuddled together by the fireplace. At least I got her to cuddle for a minute or two before she was off playing again. It was a pretty low key quiet night in the Munoz Household.

Saturday, Eric had to work all morning, so Bella & I went to Target and got some Christmas decorations. Bella was so excited to see the Christmas trees and lights at the store. The only thing she wanted to see was bikes, which makes me think that us getting her her 1st bike for her 3rd birthday is a smart idea! Afterwards, we went to Hobby Lobby and found nothing. Bella was getting sleepy, so we came back home. Once we got in, she got her 2nd wind and would not take a nap at all. Eric got home and we went grocery shopping which Bella did great at! Saturday night, we stayed home, cooked dinner, and watched our Horns win the 11th game of the season & Colt McCoy become the NCAA most winningist quarterback of ALL TIME!!! Hook 'Em!! So excited for them all!!

Sunday, we went to church and realized that Bella is not good going to church at all anywhere. She wouldn't go into the daycare with the other kids, she wouldn't stay in service with us, etc. We have decided to wait a while to try again. I hate not going to church on a regular basis, but we had to leave 1/2 way through the service which I disliked even more.
Afterwards, we went to Eric's family's house and celebrated Sandra's birthday & Thanksgiving all in one. Dinner was delicious and after we went to the sport court to let Bella play with her Dora bike. Such a great day!

We ended the weekend by going to see New Moon last night. Okay, I am a Twilight Fan and have been for 2 years now. The 1st movie was terrible, and I was severely disappointed! New Moon was MUCH better. It was still slow, but watching Jacob the whole time, made it much better! :)

This week, Eric & I are working until Wednesday, and then heading to DFW to celebrate Thanksgiving with my WHOLE family! My Abuela & Uncle Ray are in town for it, and after talking to my Dad Sunday morning, I can't be more excited!! C'Mon Wednesday, hurry up!!

Quick Friday Post

November 20, 2009

Yesterday, Eric's mom picked Bella up from school early to spend some time with her. Bella was so excited! After I got off work, Eric & I went over to their house for dinner and to pick Bella up. It was a fun night, and I was so glad Bella has them as her grandparents!

This weekend we are taking Bella to the Domain for their Christmas festivities. Supposedly there will be Santa (who she can see, but not sit on! Not with the flu going around! I heard Santa laps are easy to catch something!) face painting, bounce houses, etc. It is supposed to be a beautiful day, so we hope to make the best of it! We'll also be Christmas shopping for family members, and I will be baking a pie for Thanksgiving dinner Sunday! Fun filled weekend ahead!

Today is Eric's sister, Sandra's birthday! We wish you a wonderful birthday and hope you have many many more to come!! Love you!

Happy Birthday Sandra!

Oh the Highs & Lows

November 18, 2009

Bella did awesome at school today! She went all day in undies and did not have 1 accident!! That's huge! We called Daddy & Grandma to let the know and everyone was just so excited and praising her all night.

Then we get to the lows of the night. I think Bella got tired very early on tonight. She was in a great mood until we went to grab a bite to eat. We get home, and she ate most of her dinner. Then she started crying for no reason. We asked what was wrong & she starts throwing her food around! Bella has gotten in the habit of throwing things when she gets upset. Not something Daddy nor I like to see. This time she threw it at Daddy. We told her no and sat her in time out. She screamed and cried the whole time, while Eric & I finished our dinner. After Eric took her upstairs to get her ready for bed. She just kept crying... breaks my heart, but I know she is just really tired.

So this weekend we are going to watch our beloved HORNS take on Kansas! When we win Colt McCoy will be the winningist quarterback in NCAA History!!! HOOK 'EM!!

While we watch the great game, I will be making a PB & C pie. (Peanut Butter & Chocolate) I am making it for Eric's Family Thanksgiving on Sunday. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving as well as Sandra's Birthday!

She Knows Her Spanish

I took Bella to school today, and the director stopped us on our way in to say how surprised she was with Bella yesterday. She said Bella LOVED Spanish class! They first said Manos and Bella raised both her hands in the air! All the other kids just looked at her!! She was dancing to the music and knew most of the words they were teaching!! That's my girl!!

Bella's doing great in her new daycare. All week she has been great when I drop her off and seems really excited to go to school. Her teachers say she is an angel all day! I think this is going to work out wonderfully!!

And Darkness Falls Across the Land

November 17, 2009

Last night we had our 1st winter weather of the Fall. It got down to a whopping 38 degrees overnight. So in honor of it, we lit our fireplace for the 1st time since moving in. We've always had real fire places that you light by hand and it takes at least an hour to catch... not anymore. Now we have a gas fireplace with the fake logs and all. Eric nor I knew one thing about how to light it. All we knew is it looked very dirty under the logs. So I hopped onto the internets and started researching how to safely light it, while Eric got the shop vac out of the garage and started cleaning. About a minute into the cleaning, the shop vac shot out dust and debris everywhere in my living room. Eric then realized it wasn't dust, but crystals needed to keep the fire in the fireplace. It was about 2 minutes too late... my entire living room was covered in black soot! If you've been to our house you know we have khaki colored couches, and WHITE carpet!! OMG everything was black! Even Eric, me, & Bella were covered in soot. Gross!! We quickly got Bella into the bath and proceeded to get all of us clean. This morning Eric went in late to work and shampooed our carpet and couches. I mopped the kitchen since it got tracked in there as well... ugh!

On the bright side, we ended up having a beautiful fire in our new fireplace, and just turned the handle to turn it all off!! :) I am thinking we will try again tonight, hopefully with much better success!!

Always Exhausted

November 16, 2009

Lately, Eric & I have noticed we're both extremely exhausted by the time Bella goes to bed. Usually we sit down together, catch up on our day, and watch tv. Sometimes we even get crazy and have a nice glass of wine! The past few days we are falling asleep before our shows even come on. Bella's mostly an angel, so it's not that. I think it's the stress of the upcoming holidays. We always stress about how we are going to afford gifts for all of our family, each other, and Bella. I stress about what to get everyone and when to buy them. Plus Eric has 3 family members with birthdays at the end of November/beginning of December. $$$! We always figure it out and land on our feet just fine, but the stress comes with the territory.

This week is going to be low key. No plans whatsoever. Just the way I like it! I am sure it will change as the week progresses, but for now I am happy!!

A Trip to the Children's Museum

November 15, 2009

On Saturday, after the huge beating the Horns put on Baylor, we decided to go to the Austin Children's Museum. It's in downtown Austin, and we had never taken Bella before so we decided it would be something different to do. She loved it! We actually had to pick her up and carry her out when it was time to go. She played on and with everything she could. It was extremely packed and we didn't realize they have birthday parties there, so there were tons of big kids running everywhere! Afterwards, we all went to dinner and Bella ended up falling asleep on the car ride home. I ended up falling asleep pretty early myself. All in all, a wonderful family day!

The entrance to the museum

She loved touching all the buttons!

Daddy decided to try for himself!

This was her favorite thing to do. It had air coming out of the hose. She loved it! We kept going back to it throughout the day.

What's over there?

Bella made a friend named Colton. He just turned 2.

The infamous pink flamingo's in SW Austin!

Nothing Weekend Ahead

November 13, 2009

Do you ever have those weekends where absolutely nothing is planned? Rarely does our family not have at least something planned, but this is one of those weekends. Well, with the exception of a little Christmas/birthday shopping. Other than that, nothing at all planned. Our beloved Horns play Saturday morning against Baylor. We will be watching like always. We’ve been throwing around the idea of taking Bella to the Austin Children’s Museum Saturday afternoon. Maybe taking Bella to meet Baby Ally sometime during the weekend, but nothing is set in stone. Honestly, I don’t know if I am excited about this turn of events or not. I am not a home body. I like being out in the world, walking, talking, anything but sitting in the house all day. Bella definitely likes to be out and about. Eric not so much. He could sit all day in front of the TV and watch college football. Then sit all Sunday and watch NFL. Not my idea of a fun weekend.

So, with that in mind, what are some fun things for a family of 3 to do on a beautiful (at least I hope it will be beautiful outside) day?

On the shopping front, I did purchase a pair of New Balance running shoes for Bella. They will be neatly wrapped under the tree on Christmas day. I also found an adorable shirt to get her to wear at her birthday party! It’s has a big 3 stitched into it, and will have her name going across it. So adorable!! She is having her big birthday party in Arlington this year at Pump It Up, so a cute dress is out of the question. Yes, I am already planning her birthday party with over 8 weeks before it happens. That’s just how I am…

Last night Bella was in such a good mood! We all went to Taco C to get some fajitas and she kept singing the whole way. Once we got home, ate, and got ready for bed, she laid with Daddy until she fell asleep. Easy quiet evening!


Wishing it Was Friday!

November 12, 2009

Just because I want to stay home all day with my family, and not sit here at my desk typing away...

Anyway, last night was good. After dinner, I headed over to Melissa's house and spent a few hours with her, Michael, and especially Baby Ally! She is such a good baby! She only cried once because she was hungry, so I got to bottle feed her and then change her. Afterwards, she slept the rest of the time in my arms, which brought back so many great memories of Bella when she was a newborn. I love the smell of a newborn baby!

Afterwards, I came home and spent a little time with my hubby. He wasn't feeling too good for some reason, so we just relaxed and watched tv. Bella was asleep already, so I just gave her a quick kiss and let her sleep.

This morning was not so great. Bella woke up in a bad mood and did not want Mommy at all. Then she cried saying she wanted to go to another school. She got over that until we pulled up to her school and she started crying about not wanting to go. I was there for almost 15 minutes trying to help her calm down. It didn't work. I finally let her teacher hold her and left while she screamed the entire time. I feel so bad when she does this. It's the 1st time since she started at the new school that she cried. Usually she is happy and ready to go. Hopefully, when I pick her up this afternoon, she will be in a better mood.

UPDATE on Bella:
Eric just called her school to check in, and they said she is doing great. She cried for about 10 minutes after I left but one of her teachers came in, and she was fine. She was running around playing when they checked in on her. Thank goodness!

Happy Thursday, only one more day to go!

Please Read, Very Encouraging!

November 11, 2009

This is an email my sister sent me today. How true it rings!!

The Power of Encouragement Renee Swope "Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9 (NIV) Devotion: I hate open heights. I can't stand balconies, and when driving across a bridge, you'll find me hugging the rail along the inside lane. Some friends tried to help me conquer my fear of heights by inviting our family to an indoor rock-climbing center. My heart stopped as we entered the doors and I scanned the highest peak at 25 feet! The instructors assured me that a web of ropes and harnesses would hold me tight. Before I could say "no thank you," I was strapped in and signing an injury waiver.

Towards the end of the day, our friends John and Laura encouraged their eight-year-old son Steven to climb to the highest peak - promising tokens and ice cream if he did it. Steven was afraid of heights, too, but he loved a dare. The promise of reward, mixed with the challenge and faith of his father evoked courage in him. I watched with admiration as Steven started the climb with confidence. He made it to 10 feet, then 15, then 20. But as he inched past the next face of the wall, he saw how far he still had to go. In fear, he looked down with tears and claimed he couldn't do it. Then he cried out for his daddy's help. By this time, Steven's dad was holding their very tired 3-year-old and his mom was feeding their hungry baby girl. I don't know where my brave husband was, but I quickly realized I was the only one standing there who could do something. Suddenly courage and strength surged through my body and I called out, "Don't give up buddy. You can do it. I'll help you!" In record time, I reached the 20-foot marker, crossed over the peak and came up beside Steven to encourage him, reminding him of how far he'd come. I told him he could do it with God's strength and that it would be worth it if he'd persevere. With my words and my confidence in him, I helped Steven turn his thoughts towards a higher goal, an inner peak, a reward much greater than ice cream and game tokens - the reward of getting to a place he had stopped believing he could reach.

Funny how I stopped thinking about my fears when I was focused on encouraging someone else to overcome theirs. I realized that the same promises I had claimed for Steven were true for me, too. I could do it with God's strength, and I did! Each day we have the same opportunity. Like God did with Joshua in today's key verse and like He does with us, we can come alongside each other in some of life's hardest challenges and highest peaks and say, "Don't give up, you can do it. I'll be with you and help you." When we take our eyes off our fears, our doubts, our struggles and focus on someone else's needs, we somehow forget our own, for a little while. In believing the power of God's promises for others, our confidence in His promises for us seems to grow as well.

Lord, Thank you for the power of Your Words that give me courage to become who You've created me to be - to go to places You're calling me to go and climb spiritual heights that are out of my reach without Your help. Give me Your encouragement today, and help me encourage someone, too. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Mommy & Bella Night

Last night was fun and went really well. We got home and I made pizza for us. Bella ate a full slice of pizza! (Never happens!) We sat together before dinner and watched P&F and Barney on tv for a bit. After dinner I got her in a bath. Usually she screams and cries when she gets in, tonight she was an angel! She allowed me to bathe her and wash her hair without one scream or tear! I let her play with her bath toys for a little bit, and then it was getting her dressed & hair brushed. All went well, and after I treated her to not one, but 2 stories! She loves me reading books to her, so it's turning into a nightly event. Eric got home just as we were finishing the 2nd book, and she talked him into reading a third book to her. After all the books, she let Daddy put her to bed, while Mommy relaxed and watched 90210. (I watch it every once in a while, not as good as the original) It was just a great night!

For my Dad, Mark, and all Veterans & Active Military... Happy Veteran's Day! Thank you for your service & for keeping us safe. You are all heroes!

New Look on my Blog!

November 10, 2009

Thank you to for the awesome blog! It's suppose to be for Thanksgiving, but I love it so much I might have to keep it!

Last night went well. Picked Bella up from Grandma's and she was in good spirits! Grandma had even bought her a toy car that she carried everywhere all night long! She slept all night in her new bed, and we got a good night's sleep along with her. Everything is back to normal, thank goodness!

Tonight Eric has a meeting at work, so it's Mommy & Bella night. Nothing too exciting planned, just getting to spend time with my baby girl. Dinner, bath time, read a book, etc. I am honestly excited to just spend quality time with her. Eric will be home before bed, because as everyone knows, Bella will not let me put her to bed.

Thankful Update & Christmas Spirit

November 9, 2009

First off, Bella went to the doctor this morning, and I am happy to note that she just has a normal cold. She's not contagious, and is going to be just fine! Thank God! I was getting very worried with the ongoing fever all weekend, but he said it is normal due to the stuffy nose and coughing. So all is going to go back to normal starting tomorrow morning!
I have picked out our annual Christmas cards for 2009. I always buy photo cards for Christmas so family and friends can see all 3 of us and especially Bella. I keep every card we send, so I can show her one day what we all looked like while she was growing up. They are adorable cards, and I can't wait to order and send them! Look in your mailbox around the beginning of December! :)
Last thing, yesterday Eric's parents came over and helped us put Bella's new big girl bed together! She now has a full size bed in her room. Thank goodness she has a big room! We had originally bought a crib that changes into a bed, so she has a beautiful headboard that matches all the rest of her furniture. We also bought her Disney Princess bedding, that she picked out. I was so glad she picked that because the rest of her room is Disney Princess already! She just loves Cinderella & Belle. (Hmm... wonder why she would like Belle! haha)
Happy Monday!!

Longest Short Weekend Ever

November 8, 2009

I haven't posted in a while because the past 4 days have been very hectic! Thursday right after I got to work, Michael called and said Melissa was in labor, and they were at the hospital. I got off work after lunch time and headed over. Let's just say it was a long day! Alexandra was not ready to come yet, so we were at the hospital ALL night! Baby Ally came Thursday night and I did not get home until Friday morning. I ended up calling into work because I hadn't gotten even an hour of sleep by the time my alarm clock went off.

Friday morning I took Bella to daycare, and came home and slept, a lot. After lunch I went back to the hospital and held Ally for a few hours. Then I was off to get Bella from school. Once Eric got home, we headed to Rudy's. It was crazy packed, so we took it to go and went to his parents' house. They helped us immensely and watched Bella so Eric could meet the baby. We didn't make it home until 11 p.m. and Bella was fast asleep. That is until 3 a.m. when she woke up crying and running a fever. We had run out of baby Tylenol, so Eric ran to Walgreens to get her something to help with the fever. She slept with us the rest of the night. Also meaning Mommy didn't get any sleep for the 2nd night in a row.

All day Saturday & Sunday, we have stayed inside while Bella's fever has rollercoastered up & down. She just went to bed with a 99.6 fever again. She is going to stay with Grandma tomorrow and go see the doctor. I pray she is okay and can get something to help the fever.

Wow what a weekend!!

Christmas Shopping Begins!

November 4, 2009

Yesterday on my lunch break, I officially started Christmas shopping. I only bought for Bella (surprise, surprise) but got a ton of gifts for her. Clothes, a Barbie, a baby doll with a stroller, the Mickey's Magic Choo Choo, etc. Tons of stuff! I was very proud of myself for getting so much done already!
I still have around 10 more people, plus more for Bella (of course!) to buy for, but little by little we'll get it all done! I have been listening to Christmas music at my desk to get into the spirit and it seems to be working! I want to start putting up decorations, but that seems a bit too early. So we'll wait until Thanksgiving week to start that. We have decided to get a cheap small tree for the front room. The tree we have now will be put in the living room seeing as it's the only place we can put a 10' tree! I LOVE our tree, and wouldn't have it any other way, I just always dreamed of having one in the front window for everyone to see when they drive by. So we will get a pre-lit one just for decoration. Gosh, all the ideas I have for decorating during Christmas!!
Tonight Bella is staying with Grandma & Grandpa so Eric and I can go have some sushi together. It's been months since we had any (although he had some with the other Enterprise managers at lunch yesterday... sparking my interest in having some tonight!) and it will be nice to sit and relax for an hour or so and just catch up with each other. I have noticed that since Bella moved to her new daycare Monday, we are getting home around 6:20 p.m. or so and rushing to get dinner ready and Bella bathed. Eric & I haven't had much time to catch up let alone just talk and enjoy each other's company. It'll be a nice getaway!

Halloween Pictures!

November 3, 2009

Here are all the pictures we took on Halloween night. Bella was so happy and had so much fun with trick or treating for the 1st time! It was a great day!

Mommy & Bella right before she got her costume on. We were both laughing hysterically, and Eric snapped a picture.

Daddy & Bella getting ready for Halloween

In her butterfly costume ready to go!

On our way to the elderly home. We take her every year and they are so happy to see her. She loves it!

On our way back to our neighborhood, her 1st sucker of the evening

Her 1st actual trick or treating, 1st house!

Finished trick or treating, now on to Melissa's!

Her bag of goodies she got! Momma went through them and she got about a quarter of that to actually eat little by little!

Exhausted and eating 2 suckers before bed. Can't believe it but she was asleep by 8 p.m.!

1st School Day Was Great!

I picked Bella up from school yesterday & it went well! One of the kids in her class had a birthday party, so Bella got bubbles, a balloon, & Play-Doh. She was really happy when I picked her up, and the teacher had nothing but good things to say! All in all not a bad start.

New School, New Chapter in Bella's Life

November 2, 2009

Bella started today at her new daycare. Eric & I went into work late so we could both take her, see how she did, and meet her new teacher. We thought this also meant a little sleeping in time for us, but sadly we were very wrong. Bella hasn’t adjusted to the time change yet, so last night she was asleep by 7 p.m. and this morning she woke up at 6 a.m.! That’s the time we wake up on normal days! So we let her watch tv while we snoozed a little longer. I finally got up at 6:30 and started getting myself and her ready. After we were all ready to go, we started on our way to her new daycare. She was so excited, singing the whole time. Once we got there, we got her all signed in and she was jumping around! I was very impressed thinking she was going to cry and scream when we walked in. We met her new teacher Stacy, and dropped all her stuff off to her classroom. That’s when the crying and clinging started. She clinged to Daddy for dear life, and we managed to calm her somewhat. Ms. Stacy scooped her up and we left quietly, with Bella in the class still crying. I just spoke to the front desk and Betsy had just checked in on her and said she is doing wonderfully! She’s playing with the kids and eating a snack. She sounded very happy, so it puts my mind at ease!

We had such a great weekend, and can’t wait for Thanksgiving to come around! I officially started Christmas shopping today. I usually start in July but with moving into a new home, it got pushed way back. I love Christmas! Bella eyes just light up when she sees Christmas trees and hears the music! We are having Eric’s family Christmas at our house this year, and honestly, I am so excited!

Have a Happy Monday!!

Sunday Post

November 1, 2009

Halloween was so much fun for Bella! She went to the elderly home and trick or treated with them, then went to some of our neighbors houses trick or treating. Afterwards, we went to Melissa & Michael's, and ended the night trick or treating at Grandma & Grandpa's, and watching the Horns win the last big game of the season! They won big!!

This morning, we all 3 woke up bright and early and went to Race for the Cure. Vicky joined our little team as well, and all 4 of us had a great time! The weather was beautiful, and Bella did great! Now my feet are a little swollen, but it was all worth it!

Tomorrow morning Bella starts at her new daycare. Eric & I are going to work late so we can take her and meet her new teacher. I am nervous & excited! I hope she loves her new school!!

Daddy & Bella running at Race for the Cure

Isn't she just adorable?!

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