And Darkness Falls Across the Land

November 17, 2009

Last night we had our 1st winter weather of the Fall. It got down to a whopping 38 degrees overnight. So in honor of it, we lit our fireplace for the 1st time since moving in. We've always had real fire places that you light by hand and it takes at least an hour to catch... not anymore. Now we have a gas fireplace with the fake logs and all. Eric nor I knew one thing about how to light it. All we knew is it looked very dirty under the logs. So I hopped onto the internets and started researching how to safely light it, while Eric got the shop vac out of the garage and started cleaning. About a minute into the cleaning, the shop vac shot out dust and debris everywhere in my living room. Eric then realized it wasn't dust, but crystals needed to keep the fire in the fireplace. It was about 2 minutes too late... my entire living room was covered in black soot! If you've been to our house you know we have khaki colored couches, and WHITE carpet!! OMG everything was black! Even Eric, me, & Bella were covered in soot. Gross!! We quickly got Bella into the bath and proceeded to get all of us clean. This morning Eric went in late to work and shampooed our carpet and couches. I mopped the kitchen since it got tracked in there as well... ugh!

On the bright side, we ended up having a beautiful fire in our new fireplace, and just turned the handle to turn it all off!! :) I am thinking we will try again tonight, hopefully with much better success!!
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