Mommy & Bella Night

November 11, 2009

Last night was fun and went really well. We got home and I made pizza for us. Bella ate a full slice of pizza! (Never happens!) We sat together before dinner and watched P&F and Barney on tv for a bit. After dinner I got her in a bath. Usually she screams and cries when she gets in, tonight she was an angel! She allowed me to bathe her and wash her hair without one scream or tear! I let her play with her bath toys for a little bit, and then it was getting her dressed & hair brushed. All went well, and after I treated her to not one, but 2 stories! She loves me reading books to her, so it's turning into a nightly event. Eric got home just as we were finishing the 2nd book, and she talked him into reading a third book to her. After all the books, she let Daddy put her to bed, while Mommy relaxed and watched 90210. (I watch it every once in a while, not as good as the original) It was just a great night!

For my Dad, Mark, and all Veterans & Active Military... Happy Veteran's Day! Thank you for your service & for keeping us safe. You are all heroes!
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