My Poor Bella

November 23, 2009

Since she was born, Bella has had a lot of problems going poo poo. She had tons of constipation problems, that seem to go away for a little bit and then over time come back with a vengeance. This weekend has to be the worst so far. Thursday after daycare she came home and didn't seem to bad or feeling sick, but by the time we put her to bed, she was screaming in pain every few minutes. I even gave her a suppository and nothing helped. All weekend she has had constant smaller bowel movements, which cause her a lot of pain. It's also caused her to have a pretty terrible diaper rash. We've literally been changing her pull ups every 30 minutes!

So tonight started out the same. Grandma decided to watch Bella all day because of the problems, so when I went to pick her up, Bella seemed to be okay. Her diaper rash had gone down, but she was still in pain every few minutes trying to go potty. After dinner, we got her into a warm bath to try and help. After her bath, Eric put Tuggy into a bath & let Bella play in her game room. I kept my eye on her the whole time, and all of a sudden she said she needed to go potty. Eric rushed to get her on the toilet, and she had the biggest poo poo ever! You could tell she was so relieved. Her whole demeanor changed and she was back to her normal happy self! Now we are hoping she stays that way. Thank goodness she loves her apples & prune juice!
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